Review: Most clinical studies on vitamins flawed by poor methodology

LPI response: The case is far from closed for vitamin and mineral supplements!

A diet for optimal health


The best fruits for your immune system


'GridIron Chef' contest touts the best in healthy tailgating fare


Booster cells

Red wine and blueberries could boost immune system

Traber honored for research on vitamin E

Red grapes, blueberries may enhance immune function

It's all in your head — Memory


Cognitive decline with age is normal, routine — but not inevitable


LPI response to Offit's article: Keep taking your vitamins

LPI response: Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and prostate cancer risk

Roses to collaboration that helps homeless

Meal outreach


How and why are polyphenols in fruits beneficial?


German researcher receives Linus Pauling Institute Prize for Health Research

Can you overdose on vitamin E?

Experts in diet, nutrition convene at Oregon State University

Lesser-known Pauling legacy is Science Pub topic

Ava Helen Pauling biography by OSU author


Excess vitamin E intake not a health concern

Nutritional poverty

Three minutes to change the world: LPI grad student wins 2nd place


Traber honored for nutrition work

New website details Linus Pauling's breakthroughs in protein structure

Flaxseed-fed cows have healthier milk — study

Discovery opens door to new options for serious diseases

Study may hold key to new drugs


Food signals: Why what we eat affects our cells

Pauling's 112th birthday honored at OSU, state capitol

Celebrating 112 years - Linus Pauling Day

LPI Principal Investigator named distinguished professor

Events, tours for Linus Pauling Day

[Podcast] Flaxseed and nutritious dairy products


Some omega-3 oils better than others for protection against liver disease

Pauling's legacy also is of peace, justice

Let them eat flax

Respiratory infection strategy: Get a flu shot; Get enough vitamin D

Making research count


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