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The Healthy Youth Program manages three school gardens in Corvallis where we work with students, teachers, and volunteers, host our classes, workshops, and camps, and provide fresh produce to families in need.    

Lincoln Garden

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lincoln garden


Lincoln Garden, located at Lincoln Elementary School in South Corvallis, is a gathering place for children and families to learn the connection between a healthy environment and a healthy lifestyle while growing, preparing, and enjoying fresh produce.  During the school day, Lincoln Garden is an outdoor classroom for Lincoln Elementary students.  Healthy Youth Program garden educators provide garden-based activities connected to state standards that enrich curricula at each grade level.  After school, Lincoln Elementary students participate in Lincoln Garden Club, where they explore the joy of gardening and taste its rewards. Volunteers from OSU, Lincoln parents, and the community help to maintain Lincoln Garden through weekly work parties, and excess produce is sold at reduced prices through the School Garden Veggie Box Program. Visit the sections below to learn more about Lincoln Garden! 

Nutritional information for fruits and vegetables grown at Lincoln Garden can be found here: Garden Signs.

Classroom Connections

students at lincoln schoolClassroom Connections at Lincoln Garden aims to:

  • Integrate garden learning into the classroom curriculum
  • Increase place-based learning experiences related to classroom curriculum
  • Increase student’s connection and relationship to nature
  • Increase student’s knowledge of where their food comes from
  • Provide new food experiences to students and encourage them to taste fresh produce
  • Teach children about the importance of making healthy food choices

Kid Friendly Gardening Tip: Kids like veggies that they can eat raw. Plant colorful, fun varieties like cherry tomatoes, lemon cucumbers, mini-bell peppers, easter egg radishes and dinosaur kale!

Kid Quote: "I've never liked this but now that I eat it straight from the ground, it's so good!" --Lily Blue

Volunteering at Lincoln Garden

Regular volunteer opportunities are available at Lincoln Garden for:

  • Parents of Lincoln Elementary School students
  • OSU student groups
  • High school students 
  • Community members 

Please visit our volunteer page, or contact Caitlyn Reilley for more information: caitlyn.reilley@oregonstate.edu


Tend, Mend & Mingle

Lincoln Elementary 

Lincoln Garden presents: Tend, Mend, and Mingle

8am-10am in the Lincoln School Garden on the 1st Thursday of the month

(No meetings Dec & Jan) 

The Healthy Youth Program invites you to join us, after school day drop off, once a month for Tend Mend and Mingle in the Lincoln Garden ... These will happen on the first Thursday of the month, and will be a chance to gather to work on garden-related projects, and build community through hands-on/minds-on service learning projects.  These are intended for families (including children) of the Lincoln School Community as well as for members of the larger South Town community to work and share in the garden together (no Lincoln school kids will join us on these days in the garden: we have other opportunities for them to learn, explore and work in the gardens).

All participants will check into the school office prior to volunteering, and sign a project volunteer waiver with the Linus Pauling Institute (provided upon arrival).  Garden Projects will be led by the Healthy Youth Program Garden Team.

Please contact aliesje.king@oregonstate.edu with any questions.

Our Garden Story

The Lincoln Garden, located in the heart of the South Corvallis community, is one of the longest-lived school gardens in the Corvallis area. It was established more than 15 years ago! Nestled between Lincoln Elementary School and the soccer fields, this garden has a rich and varied history of care and use. 

Many community members and organizations have tended the garden alongside Lincoln students over the years. Some of these include Corvallis Environmental Center’s Edible Corvallis Initiative, former Corvallis Parks and Recreation AmeriCorps service member, Ronjon Datta, and South Corvallis resident, Cheryl Good. Cheryl originally began a Lincoln Garden webpage and more details on the earlier garden can be found there

In September 2012, the Healthy Youth Program took on the role of managing the Lincoln Garden, and it was utilized mainly for after school programming with the Lincoln Lion’s Den. 

In the spring of 2013, in collaboration with Lincoln administrators, the Healthy Youth Program was awarded a generous grant from Spirit Mountain Foundation to reinvigorate this South Corvallis gem. In keeping with Cheryl’s original intent to provide a garden space for both children and the greater community, we set out to not only double the garden’s growing capacity, but also to increase and diversify its use. 

Our vision is for the Lincoln Garden to become a highly valued community resource where students and their families come together to grow, harvest and enjoy healthy, freshly harvested produce. We are well on our way thanks to the help of many community volunteers!  Interested in helping?  Please visit our volunteer page.

Pauling Pride Garden

The Healthy Youth Program has partnered with Linus Pauling Middle School (LPMS) to manage the Pauling Pride Garden and increase student participation in this outdoor learning space. Through Pride Periods, Extra Learning Time, and classes, LPMS students have opportunities to explore the garden, learn how to grow fresh fruits and vegetables, and investigate the important link between a healthy environment and a healthy lifestyle.

Our Garden Story

In 2013, the Healthy Youth Program (HYP) announced the addition of the Pauling Pride Garden at Linus Pauling Middle School (LPMS) to our programs! This terrific garden plot and greenhouse had been well-maintained by Master Gardener volunteers for many years prior; the HYP garden team was thankful to have “inherited” such a loved space! We hope to continue working with interested volunteers and LPMS students to maintain this garden space.

As the HYP continues to expand school programs at Lincoln Garden (Lincoln Elementary School) and Spartan Garden (Corvallis High School), it is exciting to be able to bridge the gap by reaching middle school students at the Pauling Pride Garden.

LPMS students and volunteers help plant, tend, and harvest a thriving Pauling Pride Garden while learning the science behind the practice. Our Junior Master Chefs Camp has been offered for several summers at Pauling Pride Garden, following our model for using and maintaining the garden in the summer. Late-season plantings are included in all our summer camp curricula, so school students will have plenty of fruits and vegetables to harvest and enjoy when they return in the fall.

School Gardening

During the school year, the Healthy Youth Program’s Garden Assistant working at the Pauling Pride Garden will provide opportunities for students to be involved in the garden. Weekly visits during Pride Periods, Extra Learning Time, and classes will:

  • Increase place-based learning experiences for all students
  • Increase students’ connection and relationship to nature
  • Increase students’ knowledge of where their food comes from
  • Provide new food experiences to students and encourage them to taste fresh produce
  • Teach students about the importance of making healthy food choices
  • Highlight the connection between a healthy environment and a healthy lifestyle

Spartan Garden

The Healthy Youth Program partnered with Corvallis High School (CHS) to develop the Spartan Garden, which serves as a place-based outdoor learning resource for the school. In the Spartan Garden, students of all ability levels learn where their food comes from and the value of eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Spartan Garden produce is used for healthy snacks during lunch and break, in the school cafeteria, and is given to any students helping to maintain the garden. Our Chefs in the Garden summer day camps help keep the Spartan Garden vibrant during the summer, and any excess produce is donated to area food banks.  

The Spartan Urban Farm Fellowship is an after school program at the Spartan Garden for CHS students interested in a deeper exploration of growing food and understanding the connection between a healthy environment and a healthy lifestyle.  Visit the sections below to learn more about the Spartan Garden!

Spartan Urban Farm Fellowship

Urban Farm Summer Internship:

  • The application process for 2017 Urban Farm summer interns is now closed.  We look forward to working with our fantastic crew of interns this summer!


Beginning in fall of 2014, with the implementation of the Spartan Urban Farm Fellowship, the Spartan Garden began the transition to an urban farm. Several students, interested in learning about growing and eating sustainable foods, community service, and leadership, applied for and were selected as Spartan Urban Farm Fellows.  These students grow food to be eaten by CHS students at lunch, to donate to area food banks, and to sell at the Lincoln Farmers Market (2015) or through Community Supported Agriculture memberships (2016, more info coming soon!). 

The goals of the urban farm project are to:

  • Provide tools for students to learn holistic life-skills and lead a healthy lifestyle;
  • Educate students about sustainable agricultural practices through hands-on experience;
  • Increase students’ community involvement;
  • Provide students with an opportunity to gain leadership, business, entrepreneurial and career-related skills through a Farmers Market model.

To date, students have learned about seasonal changes on a farm, when to harvest, the importance of managing healthy soil for healthy plants and people, how to build compost, and crop rotation and planning. The farm fellows then put their learning into practice by deciding what to grow in the winter. Cold-hardy overwintering crops like garlic, onions, shallots, kale, and broccoli were planted, along with various types of cover crops, which are intended to benefit the soil.

The farm fellows also performed several harvests of late-summer and fall produce for the CHS cafeteria, the Lincoln Farmers Market, the South Corvallis Food Bank, and to take home for personal use.

Classroom Connections

The Spartan Garden provides an easily accessible outdoor learning resource, where classroom connections can be made to multiple disciplines. The Healthy Youth Program’s garden educators work with CHS students and teachers to make these connections. Below is a list of some of the CHS student projects in the garden:

  • Kevin Skillings' woodworking students built the vegetable washing sinks and two of the main garden sheds;
  • Brian Wake's horticulture students participated in the development of the Spartan Garden by creating beds, weeding, mulching, and planting.  They experimented with cover crops, learned about soil properties, and tested growing media with visits from a Healthy Youth Program garden educator;
  • Britten Clark-Huyck's Botany students continue to explore cover crops and soil properties in the garden, as well as growing plant starts;
  • Julia Lont's art student designed and constructed the "Spartan Garden" sign - the carrot that hangs over the entrance;
  • Julia Lont's art classes used pumpkins and other garden produce to create a still life art project;
  • Julie Williams' sustainability classes have done various projects in the garden including using spinach, beets, strawberries, and pumpkins from the garden to make delicious Pumpkin Pie, Cucumber-Pear, and It’s Easy Being Green smoothies and juices to share with the rest of CHS during morning break;
  • Kristen Hackethorn's senior foods students harvested fresh produce to make a capresse salad, and tasted three dishes prepared from different squash varieties grown in the garden; 
  • Christa Schmeder's ceramics students created hand-crafted tiles used to cover the cooking tables at the garden;
  • Amy Knoke's world literature students participated in a service learning project in the garden;
  • English Language Development students learned about gardening as a hobby and working outdoors as a career choice.

Career-Related Learning 

The Spartan Garden also provides students with opportunities for Service Learning, to fulfill their Career Shadow Experience and Extended Application requirements, and to earn credit for Internships and Structured Work Experience. Please contact the Healthy Youth Program if you are interested in incorporating the Spartan Garden into any of your required career-related learning experiences at CHS!


Many adolescents have developed unhealthy eating habits and eat few or no fruits and vegetables on an average school day. According to the Oregon Department of Human Services, only 18% of 11th graders in Oregon consumed the recommended 5+ servings of fruits and vegetables per day. Our children and adolescents are constantly exposed to fast-food commercials, snack and soda vending machines, and other unhealthy calorie-rich snack foods.

We need to find a way to teach our adolescents to make food choices that will nurture their bodies and help them stay healthy. There is no quick-fix for unhealthy eating habits, including the overconsumption of calories, but through a school garden we might get adolescents into another kind of relationship with food by teaching them where their food comes from, the value of eating healthy foods, how to respect and take care of their environment, and the nurturing effects of preparing and eating a meal together with families and friends at the table. In addition, studies have found positive impacts of school gardens on eating and exercise behaviors as well as improved academic performance and attitudes towards learning.

To address this, the Linus Pauling Institute's Healthy Youth Program partnered with Corvallis High School (CHS) to develop a school garden that will be maintained by the high school students throughout the school year. The garden is located on an empty lot south of the football field and the track.

Spartan Garden sign    Spartan Garden

Accessibility for Everyone

Corvallis High School serves as the magnet school for all life skills students in the Corvallis School District. Construction of a paved area for accessible raised table beds was accomplished through volunteers of the 2012 OSU Alumni Association’s Community Day of Service.

day of service photo 1  day of service photo 2  day of service photo 3

More than 45 volunteers showed up for the 2012 OSU Alumni Association's Community Day of Service project at the Spartan Garden!

Our Garden Manifesto

garden manifesto

School Garden Fundraisers

The Healthy Youth Program has two on-going programs to help raise funds for the school gardens we manage:




A sincere thank you to everyone who subscribed to support our school garden programs and the Corvallis High School Urban Farm Summer Interns!  We hope you enjoy this summer's boutny!

Interested in receiving a weekly box of local fruits and vegetables grown and harvested by high schoolers at school gardens in Corvallis?  Sign up and support the CHS Urban Farm Summer Internship Program! All fruits and vegetables are produced using organic methods (although not certified organic).

This year, we have TWO payment options for a 5-week Veggie Box subscription:

OPTION 1) PAY $75 total (5 weeks of boxes at $15/box, pick-up once per week, July 18 - August 17). We have a limited number of boxes. To qualify for this payment option, you must:

  • Fill out an online form (click here for the CSA PAY Option form), and recieve a confirmation email;
  • Pay the $75 at your first box pick-up;
  • You must be able to pick up your box during one of the open garden hours, listed below.

OPTION 2) Harvest - Share: Trade 1½ hours of volunteer work per week, for 5 weeks in the garden (in exchange for one veggie box each week, for the five weeks). We have a limited number of boxes. To qualify for this payment option, you must:

  • Fill out an online form (click here for the CSA HARVEST - SHARE Option form), and receive a confirmation email;
  • Commit to 1½ hours of volunteer work per week in the garden, for 5 weeks (July 18 - August 17), no partial subscriptions please;
  • Be able to volunteer during the open garden hours, listed below.

         OPEN GARDEN HOURS for CSA Subscribers (box pick-ups and/or Harvest Share participants):
         CHS School Garden - Tuesdays, 1:00 - 3:00 PM (Jul. 18 - Aug. 15)
         Lincoln Elementary School Garden - Thursdays, 1:00 - 3:00 PM (Jul. 20 - Aug. 17)



Thank you to all that made the 2017 School Garden Plant Sale a huge success!

Look for more information on the 2018 SCHOOL GARDEN PLANT SALE in Spring 2018.

Proceeds from our annual Plant Sale Fundraiser help support school gardens managed by the Healthy Youth Program (specifically, school gardens at Lincoln Elementary School, Linus Pauling Middle School, and Corvallis High School); and help support our Urban Farm Interns (high school students helping to tend school gardens in the summer)!