Pauling Pride Garden

The Healthy Youth Program has partnered with Linus Pauling Middle School (LPMS) to manage the Pauling Pride Garden and increase student participation in this outdoor learning space. Through Pride Periods, Extra Learning Time, and classes, LPMS students have opportunities to explore the garden, learn how to grow fresh fruits and vegetables, and investigate the important link between a healthy environment and a healthy lifestyle.

Our Garden Story

In 2013, the Healthy Youth Program (HYP) announced the addition of the Pauling Pride Garden at Linus Pauling Middle School (LPMS) to our programs! This terrific garden plot and greenhouse had been well-maintained by Master Gardener volunteers for many years prior; the HYP garden team was thankful to have “inherited” such a loved space! We hope to continue working with interested volunteers and LPMS students to maintain this garden space.

As the HYP continues to expand school programs at Lincoln Garden (Lincoln Elementary School) and Spartan Garden (Corvallis High School), it is exciting to be able to bridge the gap by reaching middle school students at the Pauling Pride Garden.

LPMS students and volunteers help plant, tend, and harvest a thriving Pauling Pride Garden while learning the science behind the practice. Our Junior Master Chefs Camp has been offered for several summers at Pauling Pride Garden, following our model for using and maintaining the garden in the summer. Late-season plantings are included in all our summer camp curricula, so school students will have plenty of fruits and vegetables to harvest and enjoy when they return in the fall.

Pauling Pride Garden

During the school year, the Healthy Youth Program’s Garden Assistant works at the Pauling Pride Garden providing opportunities for students to be involved in the garden. Weekly visits during Pride Periods, Extra Learning Time, and classes will:

  • Increase place-based learning experiences for all students
  • Increase students’ connection and relationship to nature
  • Increase students’ knowledge of where their food comes from
  • Provide new food experiences to students and encourage them to taste fresh produce
  • Teach students about the importance of making healthy food choices
  • Highlight the connection between a healthy environment and a healthy lifestyle


NEW: Monthly Garden Work Parties at Pauling Pride Garden!

Tend, Mend & Mingle

Linus Pauling Middle School

Tend, Mend, and Mingle

9am-11am in the Pauling Pride Garden on the 3rd Thursday of the month

(No meetings Dec & Jan) 


How to Volunteer:

2. Come out to the Garden
3. Meet & check in at the school office & sign your volunteer waiver 
The Healthy Youth Program invites you to join us, after school day drop off, once a month for Tend Mend and Mingle in the Pauling Pride Garden. These will happen on the third Thursday of the month, and will be a chance to gather to work on garden-related projects, and build community through hands-on/minds-on service learning projects.  These are intended for families (including children) of the Middle School as well as for members of the larger Corvallis Community to work and share in the garden together. All participants will check into the school office prior to volunteering, and sign a project volunteer waiver with the Linus Pauling Institute (provided upon arrival).  Garden Projects will be led by the Healthy Youth Program Garden Team.

Please contact with any questions.