Linus Pauling's "The Nature of the Chemical Bond," considered the most influential scientific book of this century, and the handwritten manuscript, brought to OSU by LPI.

From the Development Director
Ober Tyus

Assuming the responsibility for communication with the thousands of donors who provide gifts to support the work of the Linus Pauling Institute is an ambitious and challenging task. Each of you, whether an individual, a couple, a business, or a board of trustees for a major foundation, has different reasons for believing in the Pauling Institute and for sacrificing dollars to keep it operating. My task, as I see it, is to be sure that you are kept informed on how your gifts are being used and to provide you efficient, simple means of continuing your investment without pestering you or becoming a nuisance rather than a friendly reminder.

The scientists who have come to Oregon State University from Palo Alto bring more than their talent and research experience with them. They bring a respect for and knowledge of Dr. Linus Pauling. They know keenly of his commitment to vitamins, micronutrients, and other natural substances as means of improving lives and assuring healthier human beings. Our work, in development, is to recruit the friends who will permit this research, so promising and so important to Dr. Pauling, to proceed. We accept that responsibility proudly.

I look forward to getting to know you and your fellow investors in the coming months, and I am pleased to be your advocate here at the Institute. When you have questions about our request for funds or when you need assistance, contact me. If I don't have the answer, I'll do all I can to find it and to respond to your needs quickly, accurately, and fully.

This is a great adventure that we are all on and the voyage should be a spectacular one. Thank you for all you have done and for all you may choose to do in the future for the Linus Pauling Institute.


Immortality is not something we can provide. But, the next best thing may be available in the form of perpetual ongoing support of scientific research at the Linus Pauling Institute through bequests.

Bequests and estate provisions by individuals across the United States and around the world can assure that the vital research work of the Linus Pauling Institute continues in perpetuity. Many friends remember the Institute in their wills, and their consideration may be the very dollar that helps conquer cancer, heart disease, and other illnesses that form the core of the Institutes research.

If you believe in the work of Dr. Linus Pauling and his Institute, please talk with your legal or financial adviser about including the Institute in your will. Here is a sample of appropriate wording, should you make that decision.

In addition, I hereby provide for

a. xx% of my estate


b. $ (a specific dollar amount)


c. the remainder and residue of my estate

to be given to the Oregon State University Foundation in Corvallis, Oregon, and RESTRICTED to supporting the research work of the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University.

Thank You for Your Consideration!

A Note About Giving to the Linus Pauling Institute

Gifts to the Linus Pauling Institute should be made payable to Oregon State University Foundation for Linus Pauling Institute and sent to the Institute at Oregon State University, 571 Weniger Hall, Corvallis, Oregon 97331-6512. The Foundation is the charitable organization responsible for receiving all gifts to the University and its programs.

With OSU providing rent, insurance, security, and the endowment proceeds on $1.5 million for the Institute's Scientific Director position, more of each gift dollar now goes directly to research. The Foundation receives a 2 percent fee on each gift covering the cost of receiving, receipting, and record keeping. The fee allows the Institute to eliminate two and one-half staff positions previously required for these functions.

Information on charitable gifts for the Institute, including operating support, estate provisions, gift annuities, and pooled income funds that provide lifetime income to the donor, is available by contacting the development office.

Last updated November, 1996

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