Leadership for LPI - Now and in the Future

Richard A. Scanlan, Ph.D.
Dean of Research


I am delighted to tell you that Dr. Donald Reed, Distinguished Professor of Biochemistry at Oregon State University, was appointed Interim Director of LPI on July 1, 1996. Dr. Reed is world renowned for his work in biochemistry, toxicology, and cancer research, and has a special interest in the roles of glutathione and vitamin E in protection against oxidative stress. In addition to his new position, Dr. Reed continues to serve as Director of the Environmental Health Sciences Center, a very successful center that has existed at OSU for 30 years. We are indeed fortunate to have Dr. Reed as Interim Director. Under his leadership, LPI is in good hands.

Several months ago, an international search was initiated to identify the permanent director of LPI. We are looking for an individual who has made, and will continue to make, outstanding scientific contributions in an area relating to human health and whose own research will complement LPI's. The director, who will hold the newly established Linus Pauling Institute Endowed Chair at OSU, will guide the research focus of LPI.

The position was advertised in prestigious publications such as Science, Nature, and The Chronicle of Higher Education, with a closing date for applications of October 1, 1996. The search committee, chaired by Dr. Christopher Mathews, Distinguished Professor of Biochemistry and Chair of the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics at OSU, is now selecting from the applicant pool the candidates to be interviewed. We anticipate that the director will be appointed shortly after the first of the year. All of us are tremendously excited about LPI's prospects for the future and anxiously await the appointment and arrival of the new director!

Last updated November, 1996

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