The Big Transition

Stephen Lawson
Administrative Officer

By the end of July, the physical inventory of the Linus Pauling Institute in Palo Alto, California, had been loaded into moving vans and was on its way to new quarters on the OSU campus. Several of our staff had preceded the vans to Corvallis, both to find housing and to prepare for the arrival of carefully packed instruments and supplies.

Unloading the moving vans at Weniger Hall

Fortunately, the renovation of the laboratories in Weniger Hall had just been completed, and the freshly painted labs were ready for the equipment. Dr. Richard Scanlan, Dean of Research, and I had spent much time in the spring planning for the best utilization of space, and with minor modifications, the labs were set up as smoothly as we had expected. I am pleased that experimental research is again underway and that exciting ideas are being generated in wide-ranging discussions between LPI scientists and their new faculty colleagues.

Future issues of the LPI Newsletter will detail our activities. We will continue to feature articles on the relationship of dietary factors to health problems and to report on relevant research elsewhere, such as the recent study by NIH scientists on the optimal intake of vitamin C. Our goal is to provide important information that will help you make the best choices for your health.

Last updated November, 1996
LPI Staff and faculty affiliate investigators. Left to right: (back row) Waheed Roomi, Barbara McVicar, Stephen Lawson, Donald Reed, George Bailey, Vadim Ivanov, Ober Tyus; (front row) Svetlana Ivanova, Rosemary Wander, Peter Cheeke, Conor MacEvilly; (not pictured) David Williams, Philip Whanger.

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