Wolcott B. Dunham, M.D.

In Memoriam

Dr. Wolcott Dunham, M.D.

Dr. Wolcott Dunham, medical scientist and author or co-author of over 55 papers, died in Towson, Maryland on June 22 at the age of 97 years. Born in Boston in 1900, Dr. Dunham graduated from Columbia College and from Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons.

His early research on antibiotics, infectious diseases, and viruses was conducted at Columbia's New York Post-Graduate Medical School and Hospital and at the Squibb Institute for Medical Research. From 1949 to 1968, he was Director of the Medical Research Laboratory at Veterans Administration Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, where he helped to develop lymphocyte culture techniques and studied cancer. From 1952 to 1968, he also held the position of associate professor of microbiology at the University of Tennessee College of Medicine.

After a stint at the Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor, Maine, Dr. Dunham continued cancer research at the Linus Pauling Institute of Science and Medicine, which he joined in 1978. His initial research at LPISM focused on the prevention of skin and breast cancer in mice by vitamin C. He also studied the anticancer effect of oxidation and degradation products of vitamin C, as well as certain physiological functions of the vitamin. Later, he became interested in the prevention of neurolathyrism, a crippling disease caused by ingestion of neurotoxins in the grass pea, by vitamin C and published his final paper on this subject (Nutrition Research, 1995). He retired from the Institute after 15 years in 1993.

Isabel Bosworth Dunham, his wife of 56 years who, with her husband, was very active in peace and civic causes, died in September, 1996. Dr. Dunham is survived by his son, Wolcott Dunham, Jr., his daughter; Anne Ewart; two sisters, Beatrice Dunham and Josephine Dunham; and four grandchildren.

We fondly remember Wolcott as a treasured member and supporter of the Institute who made major contributions to its programs.

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