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Linus Pauling

Money matters. But there's much more to giving than just the bucks!

Talk about two understatements! Of course money matters. Without it, there would be no research, no opportunity for scientific discovery. Without it, there would also be no newsletter to tell you about our work or to invite gifts in the first place. The idea, though, that giving is a completed exercise once the dollars have changed hands is simply untrue.

You who have supported the work of the Linus Pauling Institute for many years are wonderful examples of that philosophy. You know, better than many, that after the gift, each donor has the opportunity to do several things which expand the value of the gift beyond the dollar amount. You can simply feel good about what you have done and the important work in which you have invested. You can share the good feelings with friends and neighbors who, given the opportunity, might enjoy those same good feelings and become supporters as well.

You can encourage a healthy diet and the use of vitamins and natural substances in menu planning for your own diet and for those of loved ones. You can suggest to friends facing illness, disease or just plain aging (who doesn't?) that they study up on vitamins and consider reading some of Dr. Pauling's books on the subject in their local library.

You can make sure that books by and about Dr. Pauling are available in your local library or the reading rooms of your clubs, associations or retirement communities. You can talk to young people, whose dietary habits are forming and will either help or hurt them as they age, about the importance of supporting non-profit programs like the Linus Pauling Institute and about the satisfaction of knowing your money and passion are going to work for good causes.

You can, of course, just send a check and consider it one more "chore" off your "TO DO" list. But that would be a shame when so much more good can come from your decision to participate. Your money is appreciated more than you can even imagine. But, your after-the-gift support is equally treasured by our scientists and researchers.

We thank you.


Some Remarks from Our Donors & Friends

A donor from Penryn, California
"My father was given three months to live with extensive lymphatic cancer. He lived for five years before cancer took him. He was in good shape until he discontinued using "C" ascorbate because of high calcium levels in his blood. Thanks for the info that prolonged and enlivened those precious years."

A donor from Peterborough, New Hampshire
"I am glad to see you are working on allergies, too. I am a walking 'anecdote'. I have controlled my assortment of allergies with vitamin C since 1972 and have never needed or used an antihistamine since then. It is ironic that I must have saved my health insurance hundreds of dollars by now, no longer needing the services of an allergist or the expensive shots - yet neither they nor the tax system will reimburse me for the relatively cheap vitamins I take."

A donor from West Palm Beach, Florida
"I'm 82 years old now and still get around by myself. I complain of fatigue which is expected, but it's a long time since I was told that I had three months to live (in Dec 1962). I have introduced vitamin C to many people by donating the first bottle. Many have become convinced. Good luck to you in all your research."

A donor from Fresno, California
"Because it's my birthday, I treat myself to a gift to Linus Pauling's research and the joys of discovery. It's a great feeling to be a contributor."

A donor from Wisconsin
"Please do not give, donate, convey, exchange, trade, swap, barter, rent, lease, sell or release my name to other non-profit or profit individuals, groups or corporations."



Charitable Lead Trust

One donor in New York has arranged a Charitable Lead Trust with an investment in a favorite New York charity. From that investment earnings are distributed to that charity and others about which she cares, including the Linus Pauling Institute. At the end of the Trust period, the principal moves on to her heirs, thus providing a current income tax deduction for her and avoiding estate and possible capital gains taxes for the heirs.

Charitable Gift Annuity

A couple in California has invested $50,000 in a Charitable Gift Annuity with the Oregon State University Foundation. The couple and the surviving spouse will receive an immediate tax deduction for the gift, as well as guaranteed annual payments at 8.3% (based on their current ages) for the rest of their lives. At the demise of the surviving spouse, the principal will go to the Linus Pauling Institute. The gift also reduced the couple's estate size, thus reducing potential estate taxes.

Estate Provision

Several individuals have included the Linus Pauling Institute in their wills, frequently providing for loved ones by indicating a percent of the bequest and then instructing that "the rest and remainder of my estate should be given to the Oregon State University Foundation in Corvallis, Oregon for the restricted benefit of the Linus Pauling Institute." For large estates, the gift may sometimes reduce the size of estate taxes to be paid since the OSU Foundation is a non-profit charity. For others, the knowledge their money will live on in the form of continuing research into longer healthier lives is a source of comfort and satisfaction as they finalize their estate plans.

Information on these and other forms of giving to benefit donors and the Linus Pauling Institute is available from the Institute's Development Director, 571 Weniger Hall, Corvallis, (541-737-5075) or by calling the OSU Development Office, Charitable Estate Planning Department (800-354-7281).

Giving to the Linus Pauling Institute

Gifts in support of research efforts can be made at any time. Checks should be payable to OSU Foundation for Linus Pauling Institute.

In response to inquiries, please note: the Linus Pauling Institute does not endorse commercial vitamin supplement products and has no affiliation with such products.

Last updated November, 1997

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