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Fund-Raising Potpourri

Ober Tyus
Development Director


* The $100,000 Challenge has enjoyed positive response with nearly 1,000 donors increasing their gifts from last year. Those of you wishing to help can do so with a check to the LPI Development Office marked "Challenge".

* We continue to benefit from the Oregon State University Foundation's planned giving programs. One donor from Southern California had planned to leave the Institute a generous amount in her will, and the funds in the bank were drawing about 5% interest. Instead, she invested $50,000 in a life-income agreement and will receive an interest rate of 9.4% (based on her age of 80), which results in a check for $391.67 per month for the rest of her life. At her death -- which we all hope is many years away -- the $50,000 will come to the Linus Pauling Institute.
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* The U.S. Post Office is an important partner in the fund raising program of the Institute. Recently, however, a piece of Institute mail was returned with a strange notice from our friends at the post office. The envelope was stamped with a notice about the addressee: "Deceased. Left No Forwarding Address." We, of course, are confident of the forwarding address.

* If there is anything more important than gifts for supporting the research work of the Linus Pauling Institute, it's the recruitment of new friends and supporters. Many of our supporters have been underwriting Dr. Pauling's work for more than twenty years. While a great number of those folks are remembering the Institute in their wills, the loss of their annual support is difficult to absorb. If you have friends or family members who might want to know more about our work, please send us their names and addresses. We'll report to them and give them the option of being added to our roster of friends.
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* Many of the Institute's supporters are now making their gifts by means of credit cards. Please note that such gifts will be reported on monthly credit card statements as payable to "Oregon State University Foundation". The words "Linus Pauling Institute" will not appear on the statement, although the gifts are restricted to our use.

* When filling out Matching Gift forms for your company, should you be eligible for such gifts, it is important to include the words "Oregon State University Foundation" because the Foundation is the IRS 501(c)(3) charity which is eligible for the match. If you're not certain if your company matches gifts, call 1-800-354-7281 for help.

* Another form of estate planning is available through the University's Foundation. It is called a "Charitable Lead Trust" and is used to help the Institute and to pass wealth on to family members while reducing or eliminating estate taxes. For example, an institute donor is currently considering a charitable lead trust funded with $500,000 in property (cash, stock, etc.) for a term of 15 years. During the 15 years, the Institute will receive $40,000 per year for a total of $600,000. At the end of 15 years, the family of the donor will receive the trust's principal plus growth and owe no estate taxes. Assuming a 10% return, the family would receive $813,000. That's what we call a "win-win" for all parties. Information on these and other ways to give is available from the Institute's Development Office or by calling the OSU Foundation Charitable Estate Planning Office at 1-800-336-8217.

Each of you who makes regular gifts to the research work of our scientists and researchers is cherished. Your past support of Dr. Pauling and now of our present faculty is a means of changing the world, and we are grateful.

Thank you.

Last updated November, 1998

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