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Development Action Requested of LPI Supporters

Cash, stocks, checks, estate provisions, trusts, land, and other assets. All these are part of the support picture for the Linus Pauling Institute. You and 12,000 other individuals who regularly support the research programs of the Institute deal in these media when you make a gift, and everyone at the Institute thanks you for keeping Dr. Pauling's mission alive. That mission is the identification and investigation of vitamins and food constituents that promote health and reduce suffering caused by disease. Currently, special focus is on cancer, heart disease, allergies, and aging, but the agenda changes as discoveries are made and new research avenues are identified. The Institute research results are not the end point of our work. Publication of our results is not enough. According to LPI Director Balz Frei, "knowing and proving vitamins and other microconstituents of food make an important contribution to optimum health is one thing. But, unless we communicate the data and research results to the medical and health communities, and to the general public, so the information is applied to daily lives, we have not fully accomplished our mission." That education element of LPI's work, through vehicles like this newsletter, costs money, and that's another reason each gift is so very important.

The annual gifts donors make—as well as the wonderful "more-than-once-a-year" gifts—are the foundation of the Institute's operation. Without those gifts, we cannot operate.

For the 1999-2000 fiscal year, the Institute makes two requests of our supporters. First is the renewal or expansion of annual support. The second request, as noted in our Fall mailing, is to help expand the donor base. We’ve taken pains to make this an easy exercise by providing a simple card that can be passed on to a friend, family member, or professional colleague who might share your interest in human health. We’re not soliciting by telephone, and we're not mailing names out to other organizations or asking anyone to mail names in. The card is a simple, pass-along that the recipient can either toss or act upon. Responses, though, from new friends will help tremendously. Please help us with this campaign.

Not only will all new gifts from new donors be matched, dollar for dollar, up to $50,000, but success will also mean hundreds or thousands of others will share the cost of supporting the Institute in coming years.

If you'd like more cards, please call the OSU Foundation at 1-800-354-7281 and ask for the Linus Pauling Institute representative. Your response to the annual request for funds and to the special "friend recruitment" exercise will be most appreciated. And, our scientists pledge to do their part, not only with their own gifts, but also with their efforts and expertise in the laboratories.

Reminder on Estate Planning

LPI friends may wish to consider special giving programs that provide income for the lifetime of a donor and/or spouse or loved one at favorable interest rates—9.2% for an 80-year-old donor, for example—through the Oregon State University Foundation. Many such gifts can also bypass probate and estate taxes, depending on specific situations. For more information on estate planning that involves support of the Linus Pauling Institute, drop a note to the Foundation's LPI Representative, 850 SW 35th Street, Corvallis, Oregon 97333 or call 1-800-336-8217 and ask for more details. Of course, remembering the Institute in your will is always a means of perpetuating your support beyond your lifetime. All estate gifts are meaningful to the Institute's programs and future.

A Note on Giving Stock

Donors who have appreciated stock may benefit by giving stock directly to the Institute rather than making cash gifts. Doing so avoids capital gains taxes since the Institute and the Foundation are recognized 501(c)(3) charities under IRS guidelines. You can then take the cash you would have given and buy new shares of the same stock. This exercise will result in a new and higher "basis" or "book value", thereby reducing the capital gains taxes you pay if and when you ever sell the new shares. For information on gifting stock directly, call David Alderman at the Oregon State University Foundation (1-800-354-7281) and arrange an electronic transfer or for the mailing of stock certificates.

Now There Are Some Good Ideas!

An LPI donor in Fresno, California, celebrates her own birthday each year with a special gift to the Linus Pauling Institute. As she reports, "I treat myself to the joy of helping a cause in which I believe." If you want to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion—be it your own or that of a loved one—we heartily endorse our Fresno friend's suggestion on how to do it.

A donor from Pennsylvania tells the Institute that he wants to celebrate how wonderful it is to have grandchildren, and so he is sending in his gifts in their honor. The Institute, in turn, writes each of the grandchildren, notifying them of the honor. They learn about charitable giving, the Institute benefits from the gifts, and the grandparents feel extra good about declaring their love for those young folks!

Last updated November, 1999

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