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Research Newsletter-Fall/Winter 2007


Download a PDF of the Fall/Winter 2007 Research Newsletter

LPI Pilot Project Grants

The LPI Pilot Project Grants are designed to stimulate innovative research projects by Oregon State University scientists that are relevant to the mission of the Institute. These $25,000, one-year awards, made possible by financial support from LPI donors, enable investigators to obtain preliminary results that can be used to support research grant applications to federal funding agencies for more extensive projects.

Three proposals were funded in 2007:

  • Regis Moreau of LPI for "Down-regulation of triglyceride synthesis by (R)-alpha-lipoic acid"
  • Siva Kolluri of the Department of Environmental and Molecular Toxicology for "Screen for dietary bioactives that convert Bcl-2 from a protector to a killer"
  • Hiroko Dodge of the Department of Public Health for "Dietary supplement usage and plasma vitamin E and C levels among the Okinawan oldest old"

Please look for articles about these projects in future LPI Research Newsletters.

Oxygen Club of California 2008 World Congress

The Annual Meeting of the Oxygen Club of California on Oxidants and Antioxidants in Biology, co-sponsored by the Linus Pauling Institute, will be held on March 12-15, 2008, at Fess Parker's Doubletree Resort in Santa Barbara, California. The meeting will feature keynote addresses by William Pardridge and Bert Sakmann, as well as workshops on Micronutrients and Brain Health and Alpha-Lipoic Acid and Thiol Redox Systems. These workshops will consist of sessions on:

  • Age-related metabolic pathways, mitochondrial nutrients, and neurodegeneration
  • Flavonoids, polyphenols, cell signaling, and neuronal function
  • Choline, amino acids, metals, and lipophilic micronutrients in brain health and function
  • Oxidative stress and thiol redox circuits in cell function
  • Alpha-lipoic acid in cell signaling and transcription
  • Clinical aspects of alpha-lipoic acid

Twenty-nine scientists are scheduled to give presentations. Additionally, scientific posters will be presented on Thursday and Friday, and both young and established investigators will be recognized and honored with awards. For more information, please visit the OCC Web site.

George Bailey Retires

Dr. George Bailey, LPI Principal Investigator and Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Environmental and Molecular Toxicology, has announced that he will retire in March 2008. Dr. Bailey earned his Ph.D. in Biochemistry at the University of California-Berkeley and has served as a Professor at OSU since 1979. He has written over 150 research papers and has been awarded funding from the National Cancer Institute and National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences for many years. He has been recognized with many awards, including the Sixth Prince Hitachi Prize in Comparative Oncology. Dr. Bailey formerly directed OSU's Marine/Freshwater Biomedical Sciences Center, where he developed trout as an experimental model for human carcinogenesis and cancer chemoprotection studies. Those studies led to a collaborative project in China, where people chronically exposed to the dietary carcinogen aflatoxin B1 were supplemented with chlorophyllin, a derivative of chlorophyll. Chlorophyllin supplementation reduced the amount of cancer biomarkers in blood and urine, suggesting that chlorophyllin binds to aflatoxin and helps protect against liver cancer. Dr. Bailey has been a valued member of LPI, and we wish him continued success in his retirement.

Giving to the Linus Pauling Institute
Gifts in support of research efforts can be made at any time. Checks should be payable to OSU Foundation for Linus Pauling Institute. Information on giving is available through the OSU Foundation, 1-800-354-7281, or by writing to the Institute.