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Research Newsletter-Fall/Winter 2010


Michele Erickson
LPI Director of Development

It is with great enthusiasm and commitment that I introduce myself as the new Director of Development for the Linus Pauling Institute. It's an honor for me to work on behalf of LPI's Director, Balz Frei, and all the other investigators who are conducting such innovative and important nutrition research. I am eager to work with all of you who have given so much to ensure the outstanding reputation and scientific progress of LPI.

A Vision to Expand LPI's Healthy Aging Program

The Linus Pauling Institute has been conducting research and providing education for nearly 40 years to help people everywhere achieve healthy, productive lives and to prevent disease through diet, dietary supplements, and lifestyle. LPI's internationally recognized expertise in orthomolecular or preventive medicine and world-class faculty have positioned it as a leading international research institute. Donors like you propelled this work by contributing more than $33 million to the Linus Pauling Institute in the last few years, reaching our goal to fund construction of the new Linus Pauling Science Center and initiating the creation of LPI's Healthy Aging Program by endowing a Chair for the program director and recruiting the first of three additional faculty to work on age-related health issues, such as declining immune function and Alzheimerís or Parkinsonís disease.

Increasingly, people are turning to the Linus Pauling Institute for expert, science-based advice on the "protect and prevent" role of micronutrients and other dietary factors vital to healthy aging. When fully realized, LPI's vision of five world-class Principal Investigators leading the Healthy Aging Programís research efforts, leveraged by a dedicated team of graduate students and post-doctoral fellows, will allow us to make tremendous strides. Already designated by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) as one of the nationís first two Centers of Excellence for Research on Complementary and Alternative Medicine, the Linus Pauling Institute will be highly competitive for NIH grants and influential as advisors on national committees shaping future research and recommendations for improving health and wellness in the U.S.

Donor Contributions Lead to Success

The advancement of the Linus Pauling Institute has been extraordinary. Construction of the Linus Pauling Science Center is a visible and tangible indication of LPI's growth and will enhance scientific research, extramural funding, and public education to help use this knowledge for people to live healthier lives and reduce suffering. LPI's recent accomplishments:

  • Linus Pauling Science Center construction (Grand Opening summer 2011)
  • The J. Burgess and Elizabeth B. Jamieson Endowed Chair in Healthspan Research
  • Two new Principal Investigators in immunosenescence/vitamin D research and cancer chemoprotection, respectively
  • Funding for another new Principal Investigator in the Biochemistry of Aging and commencement of an international search
  • Expansion of LPIís online Micronutrient Information Center, which receives over 25 million hits every year

While these accomplishments are extraordinary, it is the annual gifts from dedicated donors like you who keep the important day-to-day research going. Thank you for the vital gifts you have made to LPI to sustain our Research Innovation Fund. Please continue your essential support. Together, we can help people everywhere live longer and healthier lives.

I hope to be able to meet with many of you in person and hear about your experiences. Please don't hesitate to contact me in the office at 541-737-3744 or by email at if I can be of assistance in any way.

P.S. Construction remains on schedule for the Instituteís new home, the Linus Pauling Science Center!

There's still time to name a room by designating LPI in your estate plans. For information, please contact me by phone or email.

LPI is grateful for the bequests we have received from the following friends this past year:
John F. Holterhoff Grace Telenius Davis
Nancy J. Bradford Helen P. Rumbel
Jean S. White Nancy Ann Finke Bower
Gerald D. Carney Mildred G. Mayne
Mavis E. DeCius William R. Town

Last updated November 2010