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Research Newsletter-Fall/Winter 2012


Michele Erickson
LPI Director of Development

All of us associated with the Linus Pauling Institute deeply appreciate your relationship with LPI and your deep admiration and fondness for our founder, Dr. Linus Pauling. It is my privilege to travel the country to meet many of you and hear your personal stories of inspiration, connection, and affection for Dr. Pauling. Often, I am asked, “Is there something meaningful I can do for the Institute that would honor Linus Pauling and his legacy?” With your encouragement, LPI is launching a new opportunity to do just that!

After much discussion with people who knew Dr. Pauling, followed his career, and were inspired by his mission to relieve human suffering, LPI identified two priorities for funding that will bring together your philanthropic intent and provide a meaningful way to honor Dr. Pauling. Those conversations helped us to focus on two areas of Dr. Pauling’s expertise that were most meaningful to him: innovative, cutting-edge research and educating and mentoring promising new student scientists.

Our vision includes two endowed funds:

  • The Linus Pauling Endowed Research Innovator Fund
  • The Linus Pauling Endowed Fellowship Fund

The Linus Pauling Fellowship provides two years of support for a high-achieving graduate student in LPI. Each new Fellow will be selected and honored publicly at LPI’s Diet and Optimum Health Conference, with special recognition of Dr. Pauling and his career as a mentor for young scientists. This enduring fellowship will be unique in that it not only supports full tuition and provides a stipend for the honored student but also provides a private curriculum experience involving the personal and scientific papers of Dr. Pauling. The curriculum includes a special emphasis on Dr. Pauling’s interest and work in orthomolecular medicine and nutrition.

The Linus Pauling Endowed Research Innovator Fund will be awarded to a Principal Investigator in the Institute on a five-year rotating basis. These funds will support a faculty member’s research that advances knowledge in areas that were of interest to Dr. Pauling in the last 25 years of his life. The Linus Pauling Research Innovator Fund encourages faculty investigators to pursue cutting-edge research and pilot projects that need initial support to establish new research directions. Such creative and innovative ideas lead to the breakthroughs we need most to advance the mission of the Linus Pauling Institute and the vision of Dr. Pauling.

To learn more about how your investment of funds, stocks, or a bequest can work with the gifts of other donors to create an opportunity for perpetual recognition and honor as a legacy for Dr. Pauling, please contact me at 800-354-7281 or I would love to hear YOUR story of Linus Pauling’s impact on your life and share ideas on how you can be part of this profoundly meaningful opportunity to continue Dr. Pauling’s mission to reduce suffering and improve human health for our world.

LPI is grateful for the bequests we have received from the following friends this past year:
Dr. George B. Whatley
Ms. Helen P. Rumbel
Mr. Charles R. Lutz
Ms. Ella C. Brauch

Last updated November 2012