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The Healthy Aging Program

The goal of the Healthy Aging Program is to move geriatric medicine from reactively responding to disease, when it is costly and difficult to treat, to proactively discovering and substituting strategies that prolong healthspan by compressing morbidity and reducing mortality from chronic diseases. Fundamental research initiatives are aimed at understanding the “vitality assurance” processes at the cellular and molecular level that maintain health during aging, and discovering “age-essential” micronutrients and dietary regimens that can limit the risk for developing age-associated diseases.

Aging, Stress Response, and Mitochondrial Decay

Principal Investigator: Tory M. Hagen, Ph.D.

Lou Gehrig's Disease (ALS), Peroxynitrite, and Superoxide Dismutase

Principal Investigator: Joseph S. Beckman, Ph.D.

Vitamin D and Immune Function

Principal Investigator: Adrian F. Gombart, Ph.D.

Aging and Memory

Principal Investigator: Kathy R. Magnusson, D.V.M., Ph.D.

Rapamycin, Protein Homeostasis, and Aging

Principal Investigator: Viviana Perez, Ph.D.