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Grow, cook, explore & play at the Healthy Youth Program’s discovery camp! 

Chefs in the Garden is an outdoor camp for kids ages 6-8 years old. Activities for all sessions of camp include gardening, nutrition education, fun and active games, and arts and crafts. One of the most popular parts of the day is when all participants harvest, cook, and share lunch together fresh from the garden!  Past summer camp themes include: 


Get your creative juices flowing! Although art projects are included in every week's activities, the "Nature Art" weeks at camp focus on art in the garden. Learn how to create dyes from veggies, watch nature become art with the help of the sun, design a nature mandala, and much more!


The good, the bad, and the beautiful! The "Cool Garden Critters" weeks at camp will explore the diversity of critters found in a garden or almost any backyard. Help us build an "insect hotel," and find out which insects are beneficial, which ones we'd like to avoid, and discover beauty in some of nature's smaller creatures. 


Science in the garden! Join us for "Backyard Biology and Kitchen Chemistry," a special science week at camp! Learn about microbes, acids and bases, and conduct small science experiments in the kitchen and garden.