Urban Farm Summer Internship:

  • The application process for 2017 Urban Farm summer interns is now closed.  We look forward to working with our fantastic crew of interns this summer!


Beginning in fall of 2014, with the implementation of the Spartan Urban Farm Fellowship, the Spartan Garden began the transition to an urban farm. Several students, interested in learning about growing and eating sustainable foods, community service, and leadership, applied for and were selected as Spartan Urban Farm Fellows.  These students grow food to be eaten by CHS students at lunch, to donate to area food banks, and to sell at the Lincoln Farmers Market (2015) or through Community Supported Agriculture memberships (2016, more info coming soon!). 

The goals of the urban farm project are to:

  • Provide tools for students to learn holistic life-skills and lead a healthy lifestyle;
  • Educate students about sustainable agricultural practices through hands-on experience;
  • Increase students’ community involvement;
  • Provide students with an opportunity to gain leadership, business, entrepreneurial and career-related skills through a Farmers Market model.

To date, students have learned about seasonal changes on a farm, when to harvest, the importance of managing healthy soil for healthy plants and people, how to build compost, and crop rotation and planning. The farm fellows then put their learning into practice by deciding what to grow in the winter. Cold-hardy overwintering crops like garlic, onions, shallots, kale, and broccoli were planted, along with various types of cover crops, which are intended to benefit the soil.

The farm fellows also performed several harvests of late-summer and fall produce for the CHS cafeteria, the Lincoln Farmers Market, the South Corvallis Food Bank, and to take home for personal use.