The Spartan Garden: Soil to Seed to Plate

We have partnered with Corvallis High School (CHS) to develop the Spartan Garden, which serves as a place-based outdoor learning resource for the school. In the Spartan Garden, students of all ability levels learn where their food comes from and the value of eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Students have access to food grown in the garden in a variety of ways and learn to understand the important link between a healthy environment and a healthy lifestyle.

A Special Thanks to Our Donors!

  • Tim & Starleen Wood Foundation
  • Juan Young Trust

Now Growing

Spartan Garden is now in its third growing season! Healthy vegetables and fruits are grown and used by students at CHS for healthy snacks during lunch and break, in the school cafeteria, during our Chefs in the Garden summer camp, and during our Fresh Grown Cooking for Families program.

Spartan Urban Farm Fellowship

Beginning in fall of 2014, with the implementation of the Spartan Urban Farm Fellowship, the Spartan Garden began the transition to an urban farm. Several students, interested in learning about growing and eating sustainable foods, community service, and leadership, were selected as Spartan Urban Farm Fellows.

Spartan Garden as a Learning Resource

The Spartan Garden provides an easily accessible outdoor learning resource, where connections can be made to multiple disciplines. Our Garden Education team is working with CHS students and teachers to make these connections. Click to learn more and read about recent garden projects.


Many adolescents have developed unhealthy eating habits and eat few or no fruits and vegetables on an average school day. According to the Oregon Department of Human Services, only 18% of 11th graders in Oregon consumed the recommended 5+ servings of fruits and vegetables per day. Click to learn more about our background.