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Limited access to fresh produce is a major barrier to healthy eating habits among low-income families in South Corvallis. To address this barrier, the Healthy Youth Program (HYP) developed the Lincoln Farmers Market, which provides fresh produce at a significantly reduced cost to South Corvallis community members. The Lincoln Farmers Market features South Corvallis farmer Luke Beene, who sells his locally grown produce at Lincoln Elementary School every Wednesday afternoon.

The fresh produce available at the market is offered at a 50 percent reduced cost, with the remaining costs subsidized by HYP. This ensures that families are able to purchase fresh, local food at an affordable price point, while also ensuring that farmer Luke Beene receives an equitable rate for his produce.

Additionally, because both access to and utilization of fresh produce are essential to improve healthy eating habits, HYP staff are always onsite preparing samples of healthy recipes to educate participants about different ways to incorporate fresh produce into meals. Families are encouraged to participate in the free cooking and gardening programs offered through the HYP at the Lincoln Garden and nearby community teaching kitchens.

To learn more about the background of the project, please read the Lincoln Farmers Market Report.

Sponsored in part by Charlie and Maria Tomlinson