Lincoln Farmers Market

Access to fresh and affordable produce can be a challenge for low-income families in South Corvallis. Research indicates that fruit and vegetable consumption plays an important role in a healthy diet, optimal growth, weight management, and prevention of chronic diseases. To improve access to healthy and affordable produce, the Healthy Youth Program piloted the Lincoln Farmers Market, to provide fresh produce at a reduced cost to South Corvallis community members.

In September 2015, the Healthy Youth Program wrapped up the second year of the Lincoln Farmers Market, which featured fresh fruits and vegetables grown at the Lincoln Garden at Lincoln Elementary School and the Spartan Garden at Corvallis High School. Both gardens are managed by the Healthy Youth Program and are maintained with the help of Oregon State University student volunteers and high school students who are enrolled in our Spartan Urban Farm Fellowship program. The Spartan Urban Farm Fellows help with garden maintenance throughout the school year and assist with harvesting and selling produce at the market during the summer months. 

The fresh produce sold at the market was offered at a reduced cost to ensure that families were able to purchase fresh, local food at an affordable price point. Families participating in SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) were able to buy produce for 50 percent of the already discounted price. Sponsored in part by Starker Forests, Inc.