The Spartan Garden: Corvallis High School Integration

The Spartan Garden provides an easily accessible outdoor learning resource, where connections can be made to multiple disciplines. The Healthy Youth Program’s Garden Education team is working with CHS students and teachers to make these connections. Below is a list of current, planned and potential projects in the garden:

  • Students in the Horticulture classes have taken on the task of garden maintenance and starting all vegetables from seed, as well as performing science experiments which are beneficial to the soil.
  • Students in the Sustainability class utilize the Spartan Garden as an outdoor field site, and to perform harvests for “Tasting Tables” during break and lunch.
  • Students in the Woodworking & Engineering Practices & Construction classes have built two tool sheds and constructed the vegetable wash/prep station.
  • Visual arts students designed the Spartan Garden sign for the entrance arbor and utilize produce for art projects.
  • Ceramics students created tiles for the cooking table-tops, and also plan to make plates and bowls for the cooking area and a garden fountain.
  • Students in the English Language Learners (ELL) class will be invited to learn about food and gardening to enhance vocabulary development, and to learn about common outdoor hobbies and pastimes.
  • Students in the Biology classes will be invited to use the Spartan Garden as an outdoor field site; the Garden Educator will work with teachers to develop projects around the theme of environmental science and sustainability.

Career-Related Learning

The Spartan Garden will also provide students with opportunities for Service Learning, to fulfill their Career Shadow Experience and Extended Application requirements, and to earn credit for Internships and Structured Work Experience. Any students interested in these opportunities, please see Myrna Campbell in the CHS Career-Related Learning office.

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