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Be a vitamin D devotee Dec 2012
Beyond the flu shot: 5 more flu fighters Dec 2012
Health on a budget Nov 2012
Analysis of conflicting fish oil studies finds that Omega-3 fatty acids still matter Nov 2012
Daily multivitamin may slightly lower men's cancer risk, study suggests Nov 2012
New book on the role of vitamin D in oxidative stress, immunity, and aging Oct 2012
Many helped to grow Linus Pauling garden Oct 2012
LPI’s response to a recent review on omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and cardiovascular disease risk Oct 2012
Spartan Garden undergoes first harvest of the year Oct 2012
Zinc linked to diseases of old age Sept 2012
Farm to fork across America: It's all about science Sept 2012
Vitamin B3 may offer new tool in fight against staph infections, "superbugs" Aug 2012
Lower vitamin D could increase risk of dying, especially for frail, older adults July 2012
Increase in RDA for vitamin C could help reduce heart disease, stroke, cancer July 2012
LPI’s response to the EPIC-Heidelberg study on calcium supplements and cardiovascular disease July 2012
Like curry? New role identified for compound used in ancient medicine June 2012
5 things you didn't know sbout chocolate Feb 2012
Why moms should eat their veggies Feb 2012
Chlorophyll can help prevent cancer - But study raises other questions Jan 2012
Study links vegetables, brain health Jan 2012
Elderly who eat better stay mentally sharp: Study Dec 2011
Cancer from fetal exposure to carcinogens depends on dose, timing Dec 2011
Beyond the flu Shot: Other flu fighters Dec 2011
The truth about the health benefits of tea Nov 2011
Dr. Dashwood is awarded endowed Helen P. Rumbel Professorship for Cancer Prevention Nov 2011
Vitamin E and prostate cancer in healthy men Nov 2011
Multivitamin/mineral supplements and mortality Nov 2011
The foundation for OSU's new science center was built a century ago Nov 2011
Discovery helps explain progression of Lou Gehrig's Disease, offers new therapy approach Oct 2011
OSU to unveil science center Oct 2011
Cooking (or not cooking) broccoli to protect its nutritional riches Oct 2011
Calcium, osteoporosis expert eeceives LPI Prize for Health Research Sep 2011
Cancer prevention begins during pregnancy Sep 2011
Heart health: Know your numbers Sep 2011
Linus Pauling’s many passions inspire artwork in new center Aug 2011
What are the secrets to aging well? Aug 2011
Antioxidants of interest to address infertility, erectile dysfunction Jul 2011
Study confirms safety, cancer-targeting ability of nutrient in broccoli, other vegetables Jun 2011
Mechanism discovered for health benefit of green tea, new approach to autoimmune disease Jun 2011
Linus Pauling on OPB's Oregon Experience May 2011
Holding out hope: A tenacious scientist's quest for the causes of Lou Gehrig's Disease May 2011
OSU scientists look to see how nutrition affects aging brains Feb 2011
OSU student wins international science competition Jan 2011
Study of nutrition, Alzheimer's links hampered by research approach Jan 2011
Eating to arm the immune system Jan 2011
Burns drastically reduce vitamin E levels Oct 2010
Discovery points to new approach for diabetes therapy Jul 2010
‘Epigenetic’ concepts offer new Approach to degenerative disease Apr 2010
Carrington, Frei named Distinguished Professors at OSU Jan 2010
Lead may provide new therapy for Lou Gehrig's Disease Nov 2009
The flu fighters - in your food Nov 2009
Multiple health concerns surface as winter, vitamin D deficiencies arrive Nov 2009
Do antioxidants prevent health-promoting effects of physical exercise in humans? Nov 2009
An interview with Adrian Gombart: Researching the links between vitamin D and the human immune system Sep 2009
Zinc deficiencies a global concern Sep 2009
Natural compounds, chemotherapeutic drugs may become partners in cancer therapy Aug 2009
Key feature of immune system survived in humans, other primates for 60 million years Aug 2009
Improved method developed to test carcinogen risk Jun 2009
New approach discovered to lowering triglycerides Mar 2009
Vitamin D, immune response may reduce fatal infections in dialysis patients Mar 2009
Are multivitamins useless? Feb 2009
Fetal exposure to carcinogens may lead to cancer decades later Dec 2008
LPI's response to the Physicians' Health Study II on vitamins C and E and the risk for heart disease Nov 2008
Mom's pregnancy diet may set table for child's cancer risk Nov 2008
Pediatricians double vitamin D recommendations Oct 2008
More evidence that vitamin C is of benefit in cancer Sep 2008
Fat gets a bad rap Jun 2008
Get a little sun this summer – It could help save your life Jun 2008
New mechanism identified for action of possible carcinogen May 2008
Some food dyes may help prevent cancer Apr 2008
Tory Hagen named to new Jamieson Chair in Healthspan Research Apr 2008
Building the Pauling legacy Jan 2008
Lipoic acid could reduce atherosclerosis, weight gain Jan 2008
Vitamin E trials 'fatally flawed' Sep 2007
You can teach an old dog new tricks – with the right diet Sep 2007
'Epigenetics' providing a new view of diet and cancer July 2007
NIH researcher receives Linus Pauling Institute Prize May 2007
Eat your broccoli: Study finds strong anti-cancer properties in cruciferous veggies May 2007
Studies force new view on biology, nutritional action of flavonoids Mar 2007
Vitamins and good sense Mar 2007
Study citing antioxidant vitamin risks based on flawed methodology Feb 2007
Protection against cancer may begin during pregnancy, nursing Dec 2006
Study identifies basic link between age, cardiovascular disease Nov 2006
LPI 10th anniversary celebration Nov 2006
Breakthrough provides new tool for degenerative disease studies Sep 2006
OSU Press releases 20th anniversary edition of Pauling's landmark book Sep 2006
NIH expands initiative to encourage bench-to-bedside research Jul 2006
Beer compound shows potent promise in prostate cancer battle May 2006
OSU, State of Oregon to observe Feb. 28 as Linus Pauling Day Feb 2006
Study with smokers finds that vitamins combine for benefits Feb 2006
Medical research foundation announces 2005 awards Nov 2005
Anti-cancer compound in beer gaining interest Oct 2005
Green tea vs. black tea Oct 2005
Health issues uncertain as tea sales boom Oct 2005
Vitamin E supplements decrease cardiovascular death in older women Jul 2005
Talalay receives 2005 Linus Pauling Institute Prize for Health Research May 2005
NPR Talk of the Nation - Science Friday "What should we be eating?" May 2005
Vitamin E loss through smoking increases health risks Apr 2005
Discovery shows new vitamin C health benefits Dec 2004
Vitamin E supplements may decrease the risk of Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS) Dec 2004
The truth about vitamins Sep 2004
NIH funds prostate cancer research Sep 2004
Study finds huge variability in vitamin E absorption Jan 2004
Living better for longer Jan 2004
Major grant to focus research on aging, disease processes Oct 2003
Walter Willett is the recipient of the 2003 LPI Prize for Health Research May 2003
Tea complements drugs in fight against colon cancer Mar 2003
Antioxidant vitamins may help transplant patients Apr 2002
Marathon runners deplete vitamins, raise oxidative stress Feb 2002
Compounds rejuvenate rats, may aid humans Feb 2002
Does vitamin C cause cancer - or Here we go again! Jun 2001
Biochemist receives first LPI Prize for Health Research May 2001
Pauling centenary planned for OSU during 2001 Dec 2000
Website to explore vitamins, micronutrients and health Oct 2000
Major new award to recognize diet and health Aug 2000
White tea as an anticarcinogen Jun 2000
Vitamin C and cancer patients May 2000
LPI response to new RDAs Apr 2000
Prescription for health Apr 2000
Vitamin C reduces high blood pressure Dec 1999
Linus Pauling in the news Mar 1999
Vitamin C may reduce heart attacks Jun 1998
Vitamin C and oxidative damage: LPI response Apr 1998
Vitamin C and oxidative damage: A letter to Nature Apr 1998
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