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Professional Services

Oxidative/Nitrative Stress Core Laboratory

Laboratory Director: Maret Traber, Ph.D.
Laboratory Manager: Jaewoo Choi, Ph.D.

Current Projects in ONSL

General areas of development and consultation

  • Plasma, tissue, and urine isoprostanes (Frei, Ho, Jump, Krueger, Mustacich, Stevens, Traber, Williams)
  • Plasma, tissue, and urine Untargeted and targeted metabolomics/ lipidomics (LPI)
  • Sphingolipids (Hagen, Indra)
  • DHA and EPA oxidation products (Jump, Traber)
  • oxidized lipids (Jump, Traber)
  • Arginine and methylated metabolites (Traber)
  • 25-OH vitamin D, Zemplar, and vitamin D2 (Gombart, Magnusson)
  • Glutathione and related thiols (Frei, Mustacich)
  • Vitamin K metabolites (Traber)
  • Phyrosterols (Durst)

Current Samples, Active Projects Queued for HPLC-MS-MS Analysis

  • Glutathione assay by LC-MS development, validation (Frei, Mustacich)
  • Vitamin K and metabolites (Traber), ongoing
  • Phyrosterols (Durst), ongoing
  • 8-oxo-dG as oxidative stress biomarker (Stevens), ongoing

Send a request for ONSL analysis of samples or for assistance with development of assays and sample preparation methods. Specify analyte, sample matrix, and purpose (e.g., need for preliminary data for grant application, new routine assay for large number of samples, etc.).

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