Research Newsletter

The Institute publishes a free, semi-annual Research Newsletter that features articles about current LPI research projects and work being done in areas relevant to the Institute's mission.

Healthy Youth Program Newsletter

The Healthy Youth Program publishes an annual newsletter that features articles by HYP staff with updates and other information from their current projects and programs.

Rx for Health

Our recommendations for generally healthy individuals interested in achieving or maintaining optimum health and preventing chronic diseases can be found in our Rx for Health

Micronutrients for Health

Unclear if you are getting adequate amounts of vitamins or essential minerals to meet your daily needs? The Micronutrients for Health lists all the vitamins and nutritionally essential minerals and their functions, some dietary sources, and recommendations for intake.


Books published by Linus Pauling, including such titles as Cancer and Vitamin C and How to Live Longer and Feel Better, are available for purchase. Books based on research on vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals from the institute are also available.


Videos produced by the Institute can be found on our YouTube page.