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Web site

The Linus Pauling Institute maintains a constantly updated Web site accessed at

Micronutrient Information Center (MIC)

The MIC is an online resource that contains updated, scientifically accurate, and peer-reviewed information on the functions and health benefits of all vitamins and essential minerals, some foods and beverages, many dietary phytochemicals, and other dietary constituents and supplements, with an emphasis on human research. Two books based on this information, An Evidence-based Approach to Vitamins and Minerals (2012) and An Evidence-based Approach to Phytochemicals and Other Dietary Factors (2013), have been published by Thieme Medical Publishers and are available from LPI.

The Linus Pauling Institute Research Newsletter

The Institute publishes a free, semi-annual Research Newsletter that features articles by LPI scientists on their current research projects and comments on other work being done in areas relevant to the Institute’s mission. Issues of the Research Newsletter are archived on the LPI Web site.

Healthy Youth Program (HYP)

Providing public education on the role of diet, lifestyle, and micronutrients in promoting optimum health and preventing or treating disease is a major commitment of the Linus Pauling Institute. The HYP was developed in 2009 in response to the declining emphasis on nutrition and physical education in our schools and the alarming increase of childhood overweight and obesity in the United States. The goals of the HYP are to provide educational and activity programs to school children and their families and instill healthful dietary and lifestyle habits into our youth, thereby helping them maintain a healthy body weight and stave off chronic disease into adulthood.


The Institute organizes and hosts campus colloquia and major conferences on nutrition and health, including the biennial “Diet and Optimum Health Conference,” which features sessions on the roles of micronutrients, vitamins, and phytochemicals in cancer, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, immune function, neurodegenerative diseases, and aging. The Diet and Optimum Health Conference includes a free public session that features presentations by leading authorities on nutrition and disease. LPI also co-sponsors the biennial conference on “Oxidants and Antioxidants in Biology,” organized by the Oxygen Club of California.

Annual Seminar Series

During the academic year, the Institute regularly brings to the Oregon State University campus distinguished scientists working in areas related to the mission of the Institute. Additionally, LPI hosts a biennial Public Lecture Series on campus open to everyone.