Ober Tyus, Development Director

Linus Pauling

Walking in and out of the research scientists' laboratories here at the Linus Pauling Institute is a daily reminder of the potential impact your gifts and investments provide. While the solutions Dr. Pauling proposed, and which our scientists are working to elucidate and implement, take an excruciatingly long time to complete, the step-by-step advances made here will positively affect humanity throughout the world. That's a rewarding reminder we enjoy daily that we want to communicate to you, the donors who make it all possible.

Of the thousands of individuals who provide the funding for our research, many knew Dr. Pauling personally. Others know of his work and commitment to the benefits of vitamins and micronutrients and want the research to continue. Still others have first-hand evidence of the benefits of this research as they have faced and dealt with illnesses ranging from colds and general discomfort to cancer, AIDS and heart disease.

Unlike most other health and medical research programs that are supported primarily by government and institutional funding, the Linus Pauling Institute's principal base of support comes from individuals whose periodic contributions make up the operating budget of the Institute. That human connection is a source of pride to all of us--scientists and staff--who work with Dr. Pauling's Institute. For 1996 to 1997, that budget is $600,000. At this time, we are halfway there.

Last updated May, 1997

Honoring a Scientific Giant with Research Toward Longer, Better Lives

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