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Fund-raising Potpourri

Kim Thompson
LPI Director of Development

Dear Friends,

Have you ever thought about arranging to endow your annual gift to the Institute?

Many people are very loyal to the Linus Pauling Institute and have given generously year after year to support our research. If you are thinking, “that’s me!”, why not consider endowing your gift with a bequest? The principal of bequests that are put into our endowment is never touched, and only a portion of the earnings are released each year for use. For example, if you give $500 a year to the Institute, a bequest of $10,000 invested by the OSU Foundation would provide approximately $450 each year to the Institute, almost equal to your annual gift. This is one way to ensure that your support of the Institute continues in perpetuity.

It is easy to make these arrangements, and I would be pleased to provide the specific wording for a bequest that will have lasting value to LPI. The key thing to remember is that the bequest should specfy that the gift is to the Oregon State University Foundation for the benefit of the Linus Pauling Institute.

Dr. Frei and I were pleased to greet twenty-five donors at our Sarasota, Florida, luncheon in February and over fifty donors at our New York City luncheon in April. Our next luncheon will be in Santa Monica in the fall. Please let me know if you live in the greater Los Angeles area and would like to attend. There is no cost or obligation—just an opportunity to meet other friends of the Institute and to ask Dr. Frei your personal health and nutrition questions.

I hope the year 2003 has been a happy and healthy one for you so far!

We received a very generous gift of Wyeth Nutrition stock but cannot identify the donor. If you wish to receive a receipt for this donation for tax purposes, please contact me.


LPI is grateful for bequests from the estates
of the following friends this past year:

Phyllis A. Blair
Bernadine Nowak Van Kuren
Judith Badner
Rose Solins
Elmer W. Leffingwell
Marion L. Young
Mildred Kiger
Betty Anne Cohen

In memory of:

Charlotte W. Gardner, Arthur P. Gardner and Ilse H. Wehrum

Last updated May, 2003

Micronutrient Research for Optimum Health

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