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Research Newsletter-Spring/Summer 2006


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20th Anniversary Edition of How to Life Longer and Feel Better

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How to Live Longer and Feel Better by Linus Pauling was published in 1986 and quickly became a New York Times bestseller. The book presented Pauling's ideas on the value of micronutrients and vitamins, especially vitamin C, in preventing and treating disease and reviewed the older, relevant clinical literature. In preparing How to Live Longer and Feel Better, Pauling drew from his three previous popular books for the public, Vitamin C and the Common Cold; Vitamin C, the Common Cold, and the Flu; and (with Ewan Cameron) Cancer and Vitamin C, and added new information and insights. How to Live Longer and Feel Better has been unavailable for several years.

The 20th anniversary edition features a new introduction that traces Pauling's work on hemoglobin and in molecular medicine that led to his development of the theoretical basis of orthomolecular medicine, a term he coined to refer to varying the concentration of molecules normally present in the body to attain optimum health and to prevent and treat disease. How to Live Longer and Feel Better also features a new afterword and annotations, as well as name and subject indices. The 360-page book was published in May by Oregon State University Press as an oversized paperback (6 by 9 inches), available for $25.00 (includes postage).

New LPI Web Site Debuts

The redesigned LPI Web site was launched in April. More compelling and easier to navigate, the site has been under development for several months. Pertinent information about the LPI mission, research programs, and faculty and staff are clearly highlighted, and special sections present the Micronutrient Information Center and the LPI Research Newsletters. A biography of Linus Pauling, news releases, information on intramural seminars and the LPI biennial conference, special research services available to professionals, books for sale, and information about making gifts to LPI are also featured.

We hope you enjoy the new site and look forward to your comments!

Linus Pauling Day

Ted Kulongoski, Governor of Oregon, proclaimed February 28th, Linus Pauling's birthday, "Linus Carl Pauling Day." Dr. Pauling was recognized in the Proclamation for his "efforts to bring about world peace and the banning of nuclear weapons testing" and for his "genius in chemistry [that] provided the basis for modern chemistry and set the stage for major discoveries that benefited humankind." Governor Kulongoski also noted that "Dr. Pauling was unafraid of controversy in his pursuit of the truth and devoted his entire life to the good of humanity."