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Research Newsletter-Spring/Summer 2008


Scott Palmer
LPI Director of Development

A Truly Lasting Legacy

Ralph is nothing if not resilient. He has outlived two wives, and for more than twenty years he has struggled with respiratory problems that likely would have left other people his age confined to a chair with an oxygen tank. On top of all that, he has had more than his fair share of other health issues.

A couple of months ago over lunch, he talked about his beloved Southern California and his experiences when he was a much younger man of 70. He started taking vitamin C years ago and can recall with great clarity the first time he heard Dr. Linus Pauling talk at Caltech in Pasadena. Today Ralph lives in Birmingham, Alabama, just a few doors down from his younger brother, who is only 86. When he moved to Birmingham a couple of years ago he decided to buy a house, rather than rent an apartment, because owning a home is a better long-term investment than renting. Ralph is 97.

We are grateful to Ralph for many reasons. Several years ago, he provided for the Institute in his estate plan by establishing a Charitable Remainder Trust and naming LPI as one of the two beneficiaries of his trust. Last year he arranged for a Charitable Gift Annuity through the OSU Foundation, and last January, Ralph also agreed to become the first official member of the Linus Pauling Legacy Circle.

photo of Linus Pauling

Many of LPI's friends and donors, like Ralph, have included the Institute in their estate plans. Since coming to Oregon State University in 1996, the Institute has received more than $11,000,000 in charitable gifts from wills and trusts. For the Institute, these remarkable gifts have been transformational, providing us with critical resources to grow and enabling our scientists, like Tory Hagen, to explore new areas of research, leading to the establishment of our new Healthy Aging Program.

We understand and greatly appreciate the significance of including the Linus Pauling Institute as a beneficiary in a will or trust, and we have established the Linus Pauling Legacy Circle as a way to honor and thank this unique group of our friends for their extraordinary support.

The Linus Pauling Institute will maintain a list of Linus Pauling Legacy Circle members in perpetuity. The membership of the Legacy Circle will be published periodically in the LPI Research Newsletter, and the Institute will maintain a special plaque in the new Linus Pauling Science Center to recognize and list all members when the building is completed in 2010.

Becoming a member of the Linus Pauling Legacy Circle is simple. Our friends and donors who provide for the Institute through their will, living trust, charitable trust, gift annuity, retirement plan, or as a beneficiary of their life insurance plan automatically qualify for membership in the Linus Pauling Legacy Circle by notifying us of their decision and completing a simple enrollment form. Linus Pauling Legacy Circle members will receive a certificate acknowledging their support and a special hard-bound, commemorative twentieth anniversary limited edition of Pauling's best-selling book, How to Live Longer and Feel Better.

Additionally, Legacy Circle members will be invited to attend LPI events and conferences as guests of the Institute and will enjoy a standing invitation to visit LPI to see our labs and the Ava Helen and Linus Pauling Special Collection in OSU's Valley Library. For a limited time, Legacy Circle members who meet certain conditions and criteria also have the opportunity to name a room in the new Linus Pauling Science Center.

So it is with great pleasure that we announce the Linus Pauling Legacy Circle and welcome our first member—Mr. Ralph Chilton. We greatly appreciate his support.

If you would like more information about the Linus Pauling Legacy Circle or how to include the Linus Pauling Institute in your will or estate plan, please contact me at (541) 553-3407 or by email at

LPI is grateful for the bequests we have received from the following friends this past year:
Mark Eisner Alfred Schroeder
Joseph and Etel Thomas Dewey Edelman
Ruth Kilby

Last updated June 2008