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Research Newsletter-Spring/Summer 2011


Michele Erickson
LPI Director of Development

The charitable gift annuity: Itís a win-win. For you and for LPI.

Linus Pauling left an enduring legacy with his contributions to science, peace, and healthy living. And you can continue that legacy—with financial benefits for you today—through a charitable gift annuity (CGA).

It's simple: For a donation of cash or securities valued at $25,000 or more, the OSU Foundation invests your gift and pays you an annuity for life. After your lifetime, the remaining assets are distributed to the Linus Pauling Institute at OSU.

The annuity rate—locked in for life—depends on your age at the time of your gift. Itís also higher than current rates for CDs and money market accounts—making a charitable gift annuity both a good way to support LPI and strengthen your retirement plans.

You'll also see tax benefits. In many cases, a large portion of your annual payment is tax free. You'll receive a tax deduction for your initial gift, and it may reduce taxes on your estate.

Sample rates based on $25,000 CGA.

Call or e-mail to learn more:
Julie Irmer
800-336-8217 ē

Rates are subject to change. This information should not be considered or relied upon as legal advice. Before entering into a planned giving arrangement with any charitable organization, donors should seek their own professional legal and tax advice. The OSU Foundation does not engage in the marketing of services pertaining to individualized advice about estate distribution documents. Attention California residents: Payments made under a charitable gift annuity are subject to regulation by the California Insurance Department but are not insured or otherwise guaranteed by the California Life Insurance Guaranty Association.

LPI is grateful for the bequests we have received from the following friends this past year:
Dorothy B. Alcocer Victoria J. Mastrobuono
Audrey M. Carlan
(pledged intent)
Janet P. Roberts
Frances Reilly Cunningham Francis B. Rosevear
Arthur Kahn Earl Winston Schulz
Sidney Licht Christen J. Wegener
George B. Whatley

Last updated July 2011