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Research Newsletter-Spring/Summer 2011


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Powered by Oranges!

All of us at the Linus Pauling Institute believe that an active lifestyle and regular exercise are critical for achieving a healthy body weight and optimum health. But, talking the talk isn't enough—we also need to walk the walk! That's why I'm taking LPI's message about a healthy lifestyle to the streets. I am training hard to participate in the August 5-6 Cascade Lakes Relay race together with several LPI graduate students, my family, and our team captain, Scott Leonard, a senior research assistant in the Institute. Our 12-member team, aptly named “Linus Pauling Institute—Powered by Oranges,” will have to cover 216 miles in the beautiful Oregon Cascade Mountains, running day and night. I’m sure it will be a very exciting—and exhausting—event! Follow the team, read tips on staying healthy, and join us with your support by going to the LPI home page and clicking on “Powered by Oranges.”
Balz Frei, Director, Linus Pauling Institute

Bill Town's Story of Inspiration

As a dedicated high school science teacher, Bill Town was creative in his efforts to inspire his students. He decided the class needed a scientific hero who worked in a lab. Bill's choice was Linus Pauling, a two-time Nobel Prize-winner and charismatic chemist. So, for Dr. Pauling's birthday on February 28th, Bill bought a birthday card, had all his students sign it, and mailed it to Dr. Pauling. It was a wonderful surprise for everyone when the class received a thank-you note from Dr. Pauling himself! The following year, when Bill pulled out a birthday card, the students organized a birthday party for Dr. Pauling. It became a February tradition that lasted for most of Bill's teaching career.

When it was time to plan his will, Bill knew that he wanted his estate to support science education and science teaching. Since Linus Pauling was an inspiration for him and his students, Bill felt remembering the Linus Pauling Institute in his will was a fitting way of thanking Dr. Pauling for showing students the fun of chemistry and the love of science.

All of us at the Linus Pauling Institute deeply appreciate Bill's act of inspiration in remembering LPI in his estate. As part of the LPI Legacy Endowment Fund, Bill’s gift will continue the legacy of a truly great scientist and humanitarian, while generating new discoveries that create a better future for everyone.

Have you remembered LPI in your estate plans? We'd be honored to recognize you as a member of the Linus Pauling Institute Legacy Circle. Contact Michele Erickson by email or call her at 541-737-3744.

Save the Date! October 14, 2011

Construction is nearing completion on the new Linus Pauling Science Center. Join us for the Building Dedication Ceremony on October 14, 2011.