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Research Newsletter-Spring/Summer 2012


Michele Erickson
LPI Director of Development

Graduate Fellowships at LPI

Supporting knowledge, discovery, and a passion for learning.

They are innovators and idea generators: men and women filled with passion and questions, eager to experiment, ponder, and explore.

Tomorrow they will be professors, principal investigators, policy makers, and physicians. They will drive our society's future through scientific discovery, lending new understanding to the vital "protect and prevent" role of micronutrients and other dietary factors central to our ability to avert disease and improve human health.

Today they are graduate students. And with your support, the most promising of these future researchers will come to Oregon State University to study at the Linus Pauling Institute.

In a fiercely competitive academic environment, fellowships help LPI recruit the best and brightest graduate students. These talented scholars power the Institute's research engine, performing much of the daily lab work and tackling problems with fresh energy and perspectives. As they work closely with the Linus Pauling Institute's world-class faculty, they activate the kind of creative synergy that makes breakthroughs happen. Graduate students also shape the experience of many undergraduate students, whom they mentor, guide in the lab, and teach in the classroom.

Supporting graduate students at the Linus Pauling Institute is a meaningful way to invest in our research to determine the role of vitamins and essential minerals, phytochemicals, and dietary supplements in extending healthy lifespan and preventing or treating age-associated diseases.

OSU student Caitlin Crimp (left) with LPI Research
Assistant Professor Dr. Debbie Mustacich (right).
Caitlin Crimp and Debbie Mustacich

"My colleagues and I really enjoy our graduate students. They are the heart and soul of our labs at OSU, and it's rewarding to see these bright, eager young people develop their talents. Even as they help us make scientific discoveries today, they are becoming the leading scientists of tomorrow." Dr. Balz Frei, Director and Endowed Chair, Linus Pauling Institute

Even modest awards can make a great difference in enabling LPI to attract the finest students and to allow them to focus on their research, teaching, and learning. To recipients, your fellowship gift is extremely valuable at a pivotal moment in their lives.

Your gift supporting graduate fellowships is an investment to build LPI's future as a leading international research institute working to improve human health and wellness, today and for decades to come.

To make a gift designated to support LPI graduate students or to learn more, please contact:

Michele Erickson, Director of Development
Linus Pauling Institute
Oregon State University Foundation
(800) 354-7281,

LPI is grateful for the bequests we have received from the following friends this past year:
Mr. John F. Holterhoff
Mr. Gerald D. Carney
Ms. Zella E. Mack

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