Why donate to the Linus Pauling Institute?

Over 50 years ago, Dr. Linus Pauling concluded that vitamins and other essential micronutrients play a significant role in enhancing health and preventing disease. Thus, in 1973, he co-founded the Linus Pauling Institute to carry out research in this field that he believed would be of enormous importance to public health. Donor support to the Institute have been vital in perpetuating the Pauling legacy into the 21st century.

By giving today, you have the choice of contributing to:

Nutrition Research

The Linus Pauling Institute's mission is to help everyone, everywhere live longer and feel better through a better understanding of the food that we eat diet and the supplements that we take. Research programs at the Institute focus on healthy aging, cancer intervention, and the health benefits of dietary factors. 

Help us find new ways to achieve optimum health.

Young Scientists

Our Endowed Graduate Student Fellowship programs allow students at the Linus Pauling Institute to learn more about the role of diet and supplements in achieving optimum health. This is a vital lifeline to young researchers, placing them on the stable footing needed to become the next generation of nutrition scientists. 

Support a future Nobel Prize winner.

Micronutrient Education

The Micronutrient Information Center is currently celebrating its 20th anniversary. This website is a free, online database of science-based information on the roles of vitamins, minerals, and other dietary factors in promoting health and preventing disease. Millions of people worldwide access this information every year to inform choices about their health.

Keep this program going for generations to come.