TitleDenture tooth selection: size matching of natural anterior tooth width with artificial denture teeth.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsLaVere AM, Marcroft KR, Smith RC, Sarka RJ
JournalJ Prosthet Dent
Date Published1994 Oct
KeywordsCuspid, Denture Design, Female, Humans, Incisor, Male, Odontometry, Sex Characteristics, Surface Properties, Tooth, Artificial

This project, conducted by the Removable Prosthodontic faculty, compared the mesiodistal widths of the six maxillary anterior teeth with the widths of denture teeth from six different denture tooth manufacturers. Four hundred eighty-eight casts of dental students were measured from the distal aspect of each canine across the facial surfaces of the six anterior teeth with a flexible plastic millimeter rule. Denture teeth from six manufacturers were compared (370 molds). The results indicated that denture teeth are predominantly smaller and natural teeth are larger.

Alternate JournalJ Prosthet Dent
PubMed ID7990043