Our Mission: Empowering youth and their families to achieve optimal health through hands-on education.

The Healthy Youth Program is an outreach branch of the Linus Pauling Institute. At the Healthy Youth Program we believe all children should have equitable opportunities to eat healthful, nourishing foods, and to have the tools and resources needed to grow and prepare these foods. We offer cooking, nutrition, and garden-based programs for youth (preK through grade 12) and families throughout our local communities, with a focus on partnerships to maximize impact and reach youth and families most in need. Many of our programs are based in school vegetable gardens, linking a healthy and active lifestyle with a healthy and sustainable environment. We engage children and families through participatory education, hands-on activities, and interactive dialogue. All of our programs are youth and family centered, tailored to their unique needs, and build on the strengths of the participating youth and families for long-term success.