Lesson Title


Lesson Time Prep Time Lesson Summary
Common Snacks and Servings K - 5 10+ min 10 min Children explore the portion and serving sizes of common snack foods.
Eat the Rainbow K - 5 15 min 20 - 30 min Explore a “rainbow” of produce and learn how different colors of fresh fruits and veggies contain different vitamins and minerals that help keep you healthy.
Energy Balance K - 5 15 min 5 min Children are introduced to the concept of energy balance.
Excellent Exercise K - 5 15 min 5 min Discuss the importance of physical activity and perform a few simple exercises.
How Much Sugar in your Drink K - 5 20 min 5 min Learn to read a nutrition facts label and demonstrate the sugar content of common beverages.
Is There a Whole in your Grains? K - 5 15 min 30 min Explore the differences between refined and whole grains.
Keeping the Kitchen Safe K - 5 15 min 1 hour Children will learn basic kitchen and food safety skills.
MyPlate Discovery K - 5 20 - 30 min 5 min Children will learn about MyPlate and how to categorize foods in the right food group.
Nutrition Facts Label Detectives K - 5 30 min None Children learn to read nutrition facts labels and explore the tactics food manufacturers use to market their products to kids.
Sugar Show K - 5 15 min 1 hour Children explore the sugar content of common food items.