Lesson Title


Lesson Time

Prep Time


Keeping the Kitchen Safe


15 minutes

1 hour

Youth will be introduced to their kitchen space and learn about kitchen safety with an emphasis on safe knife usage.

Everything in its Place


20-25 minutes

30 minutes

Youth will be introduced to some basic culinary terms, basic meal timing principles and chopping techniques.

Ingredient Substitutions


25 minutes

30 minutes

Youth will explore how to substitute ingredients in recipes. They will learn how to replace unhealthy ingredients with healthier options and how to adjust a recipe when they are missing an ingredient.

Using Ingredients in a Variety of Ways


20 minutes

30 minutes

Youth will explore different ways to prepare fruits and vegetables and other common ingredients to change the texture and flavor for a variety of different dishes.

Top Cooking Techniques every Chef should Know


60 minutes

30 minutes

Youth will review chopping techniques and be introduced to basic culinary terms and cooking techniques.

Additional Nutrition Information




Many of these topics are woven throughout each session of Master Chefs. The information included in this document is meant as a resource guide for instructors. In addition, wherever possible, links have been provided to relevant Healthy Youth Program handouts.