The Healthy Youth Program (HYP) offers a variety of professional experience in the areas of Nutrition, Health Promotion and Education, Program planning, Implementation and Evaluation, Small Scale Urban Agriculture, Education, and Community Outreach.

These volunteer positions and internships vary from term to term depending on the number and type of programs being offered by our organization, funding, community partnerships, etc.

The following descriptions are meant to give you an idea of the possible positions and opportunities associated with various internship areas each term. Please contact Caitlyn Reilley if you are interested in applying for an internship with the Healthy Youth Program.

Health Promotion/Education

Assist with youth cooking, nutrition and garden programs for K-12 students

  • Assisting in weekly cooking & nutrition activities in classes (see our website for a current list of programs offered by term)Engaging groups in hands-on nutrition lessons, facilitating cooking lessons, modeling and maintaining kitchen safety and sanitation during cooking activities, building knife skills.
  • Assist with family based nutrition programs
  • Assist HYP Nutrition Educator in kindergarten readiness classes for families and children.
  • Assist with CHEF grant project
  • Assist with implementation of the Culinary Health Education component of the CHEF project in rural Benton and east Linn county.
  • Assist with curriculum preparation for all programs   
  • Help format recipes, organize lessons and create educational games and activates for a suite of youth and family programs.
  • Assist Garden Educator with integrating health and wellness curriculum into garden classroom experience.
  • Engage groups of youth in hands-on garden lessons and activities, maintain safety during activities

Small Scale Urban Agriculture

Student intern will work closely with the garden manager to maintain three school gardens located at Lincoln Elementary School, Linus Pauling Middle School and Corvallis High School.

  • Oversee irrigation and compost systems, and weed and pest management at three school gardens managed by the HYP.
  • Manage the planting and maintenance of starts at the LPMS greenhouse.
  • Assist Garden Manager with planting and harvest schedules.
  • Oversee volunteer work in the gardens.
  • Work with garden manager on other projects related to design and implementation of garden spaces.

During the school year, the Healthy Youth Program can host one intern per term in each of the above areas (180-360 hours). Fall, winter and spring term interns preference will be given to those who have volunteered with our program before completing an internship with us. Each summer, the Healthy Youth Program offers full-time summer internships for approximately 5-7 students. Summer interns are not required to have previous volunteer experience with our program. Please contact Caitlyn Reilley with questions or to learn more about internships with the Healthy Youth Program:

Caitlyn Reilley
Healthy Youth Program 
Phone: 541-737-8014