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Each year the Institute selects graduate students as recipients of student fellowships, made possible by generous LPI donors. For 2019, the following awardees were named:

John Bouranis
The Caron and Donald Reed Fellowship

"I have been working on biomarker discovery – finding ways to quantify the consumption of cruciferous vegetables. Ultimately, our hope is that more accurate, consistent measurements of dietary cruciferous vegetables will help elucidate the role they play in diseases like cancer."


Emily Rue
The Balz Frei Fellowship

"To expedite research on procyanidins (antioxidant compounds found in cranberries, cocoa, cinnamon, grape skins, and many more plants), I am working to identify and characterize procyanidins in plant extracts faster and more efficiently than ever before. Using a technique called positive ion electrospray ion mobility-mass spectrometry, we can separate and characterize these molecules in milliseconds, using only a fraction of the product that traditional methods use."


Isabelle Logan
The George and Audrey Varseveld Fellowship

"I am working with xanthohumol (a compound from the hops plant) and its derivatives to evaluate their role as anticancer agents. Also, I work to find better ways to test these compounds in animals in our studies working to promote gut health."

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