The Analytical Services Core Laboratory (ASCL) requires that you need to be added as an ADMIN to be able to login and submit events to the following calendars:

Calendars Description Contact(s)
5600 Software OSU Events Calendar Icon Data Processing Computer with ABSciex 5600 LC-MS QTOF Software Jaewoo Choi
Waters HPLC (Cholesterol and MDA) OSU Events Calendar Icon Waters HPLC with UV and Fluorescence Detector (Cholesterol and MDA) Jaewoo Choi
Shimadzu HPLC OSU Events Calendar Icon Shimadzu HPLC with Dual Wavelength UV Detector Jaewoo Choi
Waters HPLC (Vitamin C) OSU Events Calendar Icon Waters HPLC with Photodiode Array and ECD (Vitamin C) Jaewoo Choi
Nikon E400 FL MicroscopeOSU Events Calendar Icon LPI Rm 396A Nikon E400 FL Microscope Jaewoo Choi
BIO-RAD ChemiDocOSU Events Calendar Icon LPI Rm 396A Bio-RAD ChemiDoc Imaging System Jaewoo Choi
Waters XeVo LC-MS Triple-Q OSU Events Calendar Icon Waters XeVo UPLC-MS Triple-quadrupole Jaewoo Choi

ADMIN Account Setup

Any individual wishing to submit an event to one of the above calendars needs to request ADMIN access by emailing Jaewoo Choi with the following information:

  • ONID username
  • Lab name
  • Calendar name

Upon receiving notification that you have been added as an ADMIN, you can login and submit new events to the calendar. Instructions on submitting events can be found on the Calendar Help and Basic Usage.  After entering the information for the event and clicking "Continue," you will be taken to a Preview screen (pictured below). Make sure that the "Auto-approve on My Calendars" checkbox is checked before you click "Submit."  (This checkbox allows your event to be posted immediately and only appears if you have logged in.)

OSU Events Calendar Auto-Approve

Overlapping Calendar Entries

The Calendar was designed to allow for simultaneous entry of multiple events. Therefore, users entering events need to verify (both before and after submitting an event) that their event does not overlap with another user's event. The following example illustrates two users on the 5600 Software calendar with overlapping events. This is not acceptable, because the ASCL only has a single workstation with the 5600 Software available for use.

Note: There are different calendar views available in Advanced view via the following icons:

OSU Events Calendar Icons  These icons respectively represent "Day," "Week," "Month," and "List" view.

List View

OSU Events Calendar 5600 example list view

Day View

OSU Events Calendar 5600 example day view

After submitting your event, please carefully look at the calendar to verify that your event been posted and that it does not overlap with any other event. If you find that you have overlapped with another user's event, you need to delete your event and reschedule for an available time.


If you have additional questions about the calendars, please contact Jaewoo Choi.