The Biological Models and Translational Research Core is part of the Core Laboratories at the Linus Pauling Institute. We are tasked with regulatory compliance, protocol development, protocol execution, and sample collection for human, animal, and cell culture trials. Comprehensive sample analysis can be coordinated through the LPI's Analytical Core for analytes and biomarkers of interest.  Additionally, samples from clinical trials can be analyzed through Oregon State University's Student Health Center, a CLIA certified facility.

Core Activities

  • Development of IRB or IACUC protocols
  • Maintaining documents for regulatory bodies, including IND applications for the FDA
  • Protocol development
  • Recruitment and obtaining informed consent for clinical trials
  • Husbandry / maintenance of animal models (rodents)
  • Sample procurement
  • Necropsy Assistance
  • Genotyping

Other Services

  • Cognitive function assessment (Microelectrode Array, Virtual Water Maze)
  • Metabolic phenotyping (Oroboros oxygraph, Promethion system)
  • Bone density scan (Dexa)


This is not an exhaustive list of services provided. Customized assays are available with consultation. For more information contact the core labs at [email protected] or call 541-737-5085.