Analytical Services Core 

Analysis of small molecules from biological samples is the primary emphasis of LPI's Analytical Services Core.

The LPI maintains several high-performance liquid chromatographs (HPLCs) coupled to UV, fluorescence, electrochemical, and single- and triple-quadrupole mass spectrometer detectors that allow for state-of-the-art chemical analysis of biomarkers of health, vitamins, antioxidants, and metabolites. 

Standard analyses include the quanitification of vitamins, phytochemicals, and lipid peroxidation products. These can be conducted in biological samples, food, plants, and/or dietary supplements. In addition, metabolic profiling (metabolomics) can be performed in various biological samples.

Custom-designed assays can be performed, as needed.

Biological Models and Translational Research Core

The Biological Models and Translational Research Core facilitates the use of various cell and animal models, and helps conduct small human clinical trials. 

Staff can be contracted to assist in regulatory compliance paperwork, study coordination, and protocol development, including the development of grant proposals including clinical or translational models.

Support is also available for biological models include rodents, fish, and cell culture, including the delivery of compounds through diet or other means to these model systems, and the collection of samples from these models for further analysis.

Clinical trial activities also include coordination of study participants, basic testing procedures, delivery of compounds of interest, and the collection and processing of biological specimens.

Core Fee Structure

All core laboratory services are available to those on the Oregon State University campus on a fee-per-use basis, and many of these services are available to those outside the University. Final charges are determined by the complexity and the techniques required to analyze the samples. 

Analytical Services

General Technician Time: $60/hr

Food Composition Lab: $80-100/hr

Equipment Time: $2-26/hr (assay-dependent)

Biological and Translational Models Services

Technician Time: $71/hr

Custom Projects

Research projects that are not covered by these fees may require a more customized research proposal. Please contact us for a quote.



Further information, including quotes and contracts for services can be obtained by contacting the core lab facility at or 541-737-5085.