TitleStandardizing performance-based criteria for support surfaces.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsKrouskop T, van Rijswijk L
JournalOstomy Wound Manage
Pagination34-6, 38, 40-5
Date Published1995 Jan-Feb
KeywordsBeds, Guidelines as Topic, Humans, Materials Testing, Pressure Ulcer, Randomized Controlled Trials as Topic

Due to the sparsity of prospective, controlled, clinical studies on the efficacy of and the lack of standardized information about support surfaces, current literature does not clearly define how these surfaces address patient needs. Standardization would help healthcare professionals make better informed decisions about the use of support surfaces. Standardization would also help researchers design and implement controlled, clinical studies by defining characteristics of surface evaluation, making it possible to replicate research activities. The first step toward standardization is to develop a performance-based set of criteria for classifying these surfaces. With respect to the three purposes identified: comfort, postural control and pressure management, only parameters that can be measured noninvasively, have been considered. The nine parameters are life expectancy of the surface, skin moisture control, skin temperature control, redistribution of pressure, product service requirements, fail safety, infection, flammability, and patient/product friction. Specific guidelines for each of these nine parameters are discussed in depth. With testing and evaluation of support surfaces standardized, clinicians will be able to choose a surface to meet the needs of patients the same way they make other treatment decisions: based on outcomes and the results of controlled, clinical studies.

Alternate JournalOstomy Wound Manage
PubMed ID7779232