General Contact Information

The Linus Pauling Institute specializes in molecular nutrition research. We have experts on a number of different topics, including nutrition and dietary supplements (including the use of vitamins, minerals, and botanicals).

General inquiries can be sent through our online contact form or by calling 541-737-5075.
Please note: with COVID-19 restrictions, limited staff are available to respond to phone inquiries.

For communications related contacts, please call or email Alexander Michels at:
541-737-8730 or [email protected]

Direct contact information for faculty and their areas of expertise are listed below. 


Areas of expertise

Alexander Michels, PhD
Research Coordinator and Communications Officer
[email protected]

Vitamin C, clinical trials, inquiries on micronutrients and phytochemicals

Joseph Beckman, PhD
Principal Investigator
Burgess and Elizabeth Jamieson Chair in Healthspan Research
Margaret W. Terrill Linus Pauling Research Innovator Faculty Scholar

ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), superoxide dismutase, motor neuron diseases, oxidative/nitrative stress

Gerd Bobe, PhD, MPH
Principal Investigator

Colorectal cancer, cancer prevention & diet, legumes, nutritional epidemiology

Adrian Gombart, PhD
Principal Investigator

Vitamin D, immune function, inflammation, infectious diseases

Tory Hagen, PhD
Principal Investigator
Helen P. Rumbel Professor for Healthy Aging Research

Healthy aging, lipoic acid, L-carnitine, mitochondria

Emily Ho, PhD
Endowed Chair and Director

Cancer prevention & diet, zinc, cruciferous vegetables, whole foods

Donald Jump, PhD
Principal Investigator

Fish oil, omega-3 fats, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, fat metabolism

Kathy Magnusson, PhD, DVM
Principal Investigator

Healthy aging, memory, neuroscience

Alysia Vrailas-Mortimer, PhD
Principal Investigator

Healthy aging, neurodegeneration, fruit flies

Fred Stevens, PhD
Principal Investigator

Phytochemicals, xanthohumol, metabolic syndrome, vitamin C

Maret Traber, PhD
Principal Investigator
Ava Helen Pauling Chair

Vitamin E, nutrition, metabolic syndrome, nutrient bioavailability

Richard van Breemen, PhD
Principal Investigator

Phytochemicals, natural products, botanicals, mass spectrometry

David Williams, PhD
Principal Investigator
Helen P. Rumbel Professor for Cancer Prevention

Cancer prevention & diet, cruciferous vegetables, transplacental cancer prevention

Micronutrient Information Center
Online Information Outreach Program
[email protected]

General inqueries on micronutients and phytochemicals

Arup Indra, PhD
Adjunct Faculty

Inflammation, skin health, melanoma, drug discovery

Siva Kolluri, PhD
Adjunct Faculty

Cancer biology, cancer drug discovery

Claudia Maier, PhD
Adjunct Faculty

Molecular analysis, stress response, proteins, mass spectrometry

Robyn Tanguay, PhD
Adjunct Faculty

Molecular and systems toxicology, zebrafish, environmental health sciences

Nathan Mortimer, PhD
Adjunct Faculty
Venom biochemistry, inflammation, fruit flies

For other experts at OSU, please contact the OSU News and Research Communications team.