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Faculty and Staff

Principal Investigators    
Frei, Balz Director and Distinguished Professor 541-737-5078
Beckman, Joseph S. Distinguished Professor 541-737-8867
Bobe, Gerd Assistant Professor 541-737-1898
Bray, Tammy Professor 541-737-3256
Gombart, Adrian Associate Professor 541-737-8018
Hagen, Tory M. Professor 541-737-5083
Ho, Emily Professor 541-737-9559
Jump, Donald Professor 541-737-4007
Magnusson, Kathy Professor 541-737-6923
Perez, Viviana Assistant Professor 541-737-9551
Stevens, Fred Associate Professor 541-737-9534
Traber, Maret G. Professor 541-737-7977
Williams, David E. Professor 541-737-3277
Research Faculty    
Krueger, Sharon Research Assistant Professor 541-737-9322
Mustacich, Debbie Research Associate Professor 541-737-8730
Zhang, Weijian Research Associate Professor 541-737-5081
Research Staff    
Beaver, Laura Research Associate 541-737-5049
Butler, Judy Sr. Research Assistant 541-737-9953
Choi, Jaewoo Research Associate 541-737-9476
Durst, Bob Sr. Research Assistant 541-737-6490
Elias, Valerie Faculty Research Assistant 541-737-6875
Hardin, Karin Faculty Research Assistant 541-737-0966
Harper, Tod Post-doctoral Scholar 541-737-4466
Hobbs, Deborah Sr. Research Assistant 541-737-5082
Labut, Ed Faculty Research Assistant 541-737-4466
Leonard, Scott Sr. Research Assistant 541-737-9476
McQuistan, Tammie Faculty Research Assistant 541-737-9322
Michels, Alexander Research Associate 541-737-5082
Miranda, Cristobal Assistant Professor 541-737-5512
Shay, Kate Research Associate 541-737-9953
Wang, Rong Research Associate 541-737-8101
Watts, Emily Faculty Research Assistant 541-737-8004
Wong, Carmen Research Associate 541-737-4189
Yu, Tian-Wei (David) Research Associate 541-737-5082
Yu, Zhen Faculty Research Assistant 541-737-0550
Outreach & Education    
Alexander, Anais Nutrition Educator, HYP 541-737-8014
Angelo, Giana Research Associate, MIC
Bennett, Casey Program & Internship Coord, HYP 541-737-8014
Drake, Victoria Manager, MIC 541-737-9377
Fallihee, Rebecca Garden Educator, HYP 541-737-8014
Frei, Simone Manager, HYP 541-737-8014
Jacobs, Julie Nutrition Educator, HYP 541-737-8014
Russo, Candace Garden Manager, HYP 541-737-8014
Administrative Staff    
Abney, Cathy Accounts Manager 541-737-5966
Amundson, Marlys Development Director 541-737-0055
Lawson, Stephen Administrative Officer 541-737-5080
McVicar, Barbara Assistant to the Director 541-737-5076
Graduate Students    
Atwell, Lauren Ph.D. Student 541-737-0975
Axton, Elizabeth Ph.D. Student 541-737-4463
Beilby, Pamela Ph.D. Student 541-737-3169
Esfandiari, Ellie Ph.D. Student 541-737-5965
Li, Chuan Ph.D. Student 541-737-4463
Kasper, Katherine Ph.D. Student 541-737-4463
Kelley, Amanda Ph.D. Student 541-737-4462
Lytle, Kelli Ph.D. Student 541-737-4005
Madeen, Erin Ph.D. Student 541-737-4466
McDougall, Melissa Ph.D. Student 541-737-4463
Sunchu, Bharath Ph.D. Student 541-737-4462
Thomas, Nick Ph.D. Student 541-737-4462
Watson, Gregory Ph.D. Student 541-737-0975
Williams, Jared Ph.D. Student 541-737-3169


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