In collaboration with Oregon State University's Professional and Continuing Education, the Linus Pauling Institute will soon offer two online continuing education courses:

Meeting Micronutrient Needs

Despite years of research and messaging, overall adherence to recommended dietary guidelines is low for most Americans. Many US residents have inadequate intakes of vitamins and nutritionally essential minerals, which may place them at increased risk for chronic disease. This course covers the prevalence of micronutrient inadequacies in the US population; highlights specific subgroups of the population who are at increased risk of micronutrient inadequacy or deficiency; and examines the importance of healthy eating, fortified food, and micronutrient supplementation to correct inadequacies.

Micronutrients and Bone Health

In this course, you will learn the roles of several micronutrients in achieving and maintaining optimal bone health throughout the lifespan. Lifestyle factors that influence bone health, such as physical activity and smoking, are also discussed.

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